Florida abolishes tampon tax before California, Entity reports.

Ladies, that time of the month just got a little bit easier. Well, at least if you live in Florida.

The Sunshine State has finally nixed the “tampon tax,” which makes feminine products, such as tampons, pads and menstrual cups tax-exempt. The measure goes into effect in January.

In the majority of states feminine products are hit with a sales tax because they’re considered a “luxury” item, which is proof if there’s ever been any that there are too many men in government.

I mean, sure, here and there women are a bit relieved, maybe even celebratory when they get their period after a scare… but I’ll be damned if any one of us has EVER called it a luxury. And luckily for Floridians, Governor Rick Scott gets that.

But only 13 other states agree. Even California, a traditionally liberal state, vetoed the measure, which would simply result in savings for women who need these necessary and not luxurious products to get along in their daily lives.

Men like Governor Jerry Brown should think long and hard about the women who work with him – if there are any? – and how they handle their time of the month before he goes vetoing this bill again. He certainly wouldn’t want them to forgo these pricy “luxuries” and bleed all over his lovely office, now would he?

One California assemblywoman echoed the sentiment, saying, “Women have no choice but to buy these products. You can’t just ignore your period. It’s not like you can ignore the constant flow.” Think that blood in the elevator scene from “The Shining.” Too visual for you?

Sorry, but I know how men in government can’t seem to acknowledge the significance of any problems in the world without pinpointing their direct relation to them. So there it is. And it’s not a pretty picture.

Florida abolishes tampon tax before California, because periods are NOT a luxury, Entity reports.

Florida abolishes tampon tax before California, because periods are NOT a luxury. Image via Giphy

We’re not big fans of it either, I’ve gotta say. Estimates suggest women spend more than $18,000 on our periods in a lifetime, with pads, tampons, birth control and new underwear. We’d much rather spend that money on actual luxuries, like Christian Louboutin red lipstick and fancy chocolates.

And we’re behind Florida right now with this legislation, FLORIDA. This is the state where alligators chase you out of your own backyards, and people get arrested for things like “assaulting their boss with a frozen hamburger.”

Get it together, California.

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