Harry Styles is diving into a new acting career. Literally.

In the newly released “Dunkirk” trailer, the One Direction band member looks like he’s drowning in the ocean. Although fans are worried about his character’s fate, they’re also excited about Styles’ Hollywood debut.

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And while the Christopher Nolan-directed film also features “The BFG” star Mark Rylance, “Inception” star Cillian Murphy and previous Nolan collaborator Tom Hardy, 1D fans are more focused on Harry Styles’ future Oscar.

According to Oscar-winning co-star Mark Rylance, Styles has a rare star quality that he admires. “He seems remarkable … one of those people – Sean Penn has it too – a kind of panache,” Rylance said in a red carpet interview. “I look at at them and think, ‘How did you get that? How do you get so that life is easy?’ But he has got a lovely, lovely character. It’s a gift.”

Not only that, but another source told Hollywood Life that director Christopher Nolan and the rest of the cast are “blown away with how brilliant of an actor Harry is.”

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As Styles dabbles in showbiz, he joins the ranks of other musicians who have joined Hollywood.

Justin Timberlake, for example, said “Bye Bye Bye” to N’Sync and broke out of his boy band era by starring in films like “The Social Network,” “Friends With Benefits,” “In Time” and animated movie “Trolls.”

“American Idol” contestant and powerhouse singer Jennifer Hudson has won an Oscar for her role in “Dreamgirls.” Pop rock icon and songwriter David Bowie also became known for his memorable roles in classic films like “The Man Who Fell to Earth” (1976) and “Labyrinth” (1986). And Madonna tried her hand in acting in “A League of Their Own” (1992).

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Although Harry Styles’ role in “Dunkirk” may not be a lead role, his performance could propel him forward.

“One would never know this is his first film role,” the source also said to Hollywood Life. “His performance will no doubt launch his career as a major actor and the offers will come pouring in.”

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