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UPDATE 5/14/2017: The Prime Minister’s office released a statement confirming  Netanyahu will be on the show “Objectified” with Harvey Levin, despite not giving an interview to Israeli media in 8 months. His office denies the meeting was set up by President Trump , but we stand by our story and the claim Trump personally played a part.

President Donald Trump is presumably a busy guy, but not too busy to play a million rounds of golf or set up a meeting between TMZ’s Harvey Levin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ENTITY has learned.

Our sources tell us that Levin asked Trump to call Netanyahu during their infamous Oval Office meeting (a story we broke) and ask if the Prime Minister would be on Levin’s pseudo reality show “Objectified.” Because why solve the Middle East crisis (that’s Jared Kushner’s job apparently) when you can coordinate reality show appearances like a B-rated publicist instead?

And if this all seems far-fetched, it’s not.

Recall, Levin originally met with Trump for the sole reason of discussing his TV show and to recruit major political players for the upcoming season — including Hillary Clinton who turned him down.

We’re told Trump obliged, placed the call — what else is he doing right? — and get this, the Prime Minister agreed.

Levin is catching a flight to Israel this week (he was noticeably absent from TMZ Live on Thursday). We’re told he’ll meet with Netanyahu and tape the show in the next few days.

The timing of all this is interesting considering Trump is set to visit Israel later this month as well. On May 19th POTUS will embark on a foreign trip which includes visits to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Vatican.

Trump and Netanyahu have supposedly known each other for awhile. When he visited the U.S. in February Netanyahu remarked, “I’ve known the president and I’ve known his family and his team for a long time and there is no greater supporter of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than President Donald Trump.'”

After taping the segment in Israel, Netanyahu will join other “Objectified” stars like Trump himself — whose episode aired back in November — and NBA star Shaq, who we’re told will also be featured in the upcoming season set to air on Fox News (the network of champions).

All of this begs the question, where are Trump’s priorities? He has time to make phone calls to world leaders on behalf of a reality TV show host and fire anyone who dares investigate him, but delegates all the real work to other, equally unqualified people.

It’s kind of like he’s not fit to be president …

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