Ivanka Trump rejected from Objectified

Ivanka Trump’s image is in the gutter. She’s been ridiculed on SNL for being “complicit”, blasted by many for her fake feminism, and hung out to dry on Twitter for her blatant hypocrisy.

And now, sources tell ENTITY, Ivanka can’t even get a gig on reality TV … ON FOX NEWS!

Here’s what happened. We’re told Donald Trump’s people are concerned with Ivanka’s crumbling image, so much so they have been pushing for her to do an episode of “Objectified”, Harvey Levin’s new reality show that goes inside celebrity homes.

It’s a believable request considering Donald Trump was the first guest on “Objectified” —  his episode aired in November 2016 — and the interview would be in an Ivanka-friendly environment since the show airs on Fox News.

But we’re told it’s not happening because “Objectified” turned Ivanka down. (Rock meet bottom).

Sources close to the situation say Levin — who was previously pro-Trump (you can read about it here and here) — is no longer a fan of POTUS following the transgender military ban Number 45 issued last week.

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We’re told Trump’s people are still pushing for an appearance, despite the setback, but it’s unclear if “Objectified” will change its mind.

Despite rejecting Ivanka on political grounds, it also makes very little sense for the First-Daughter-turned-First-Lady to do an episode considering Trump’s episode already featured a tour of Ivanka’s childhood home.

Not only that, Ivanka put her New York apartment up for sale (for $4 million) and the DC residence she’s living at now is a rental (a $15,000-per-month rental to be exact). In other words, any “inside look” would essentially be staged. Just like her entire life.

ENTITY broke the story earlier this year that other “Objectified” guests include Benjamin Netanyahu (thanks to  a phone call from Trump himself) and NBA-Star Shaq. Which makes Ivanka’s rejection sting just a little bit more.

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We’ve reached out the White House for a comment from Ivanka, but so far no word back.

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