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Meryl Streep is a queen. There is absolutely no denying that.

Moreover, she’s talented, intelligent, graceful and beautiful. Now, imagine being her child. Meryl is the mom to three girls, and one boy. In addition, her children are equally as beautiful as her. Her daughters Mamie Gummer and Grace Gummer are both actresses. Meryl’s other daughter, Louisa Gummer, is a model.

Now, we’re going to shed a little bit of light on Meryl Streep’s daughters.

1 Mary aka Mamie

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Mamie was born in New York City, New York in August of 1983. She was raised in Connecticut and graduated from the Kent School. Mamie then went on to pursue her studies in theater and communications at Northwestern University.

She is now an actress like her mom. In addition, when Mamie was a little over a year she appeared on the big screen with her mom in “Heartburn.” Mamie then had her Broadway debut as Cecil Volanges in “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” in the Summer of 2008.

2 Grace the Actress

Entity shares Meryl Streep daughter

Grace was born in New York City, New York in May of 1986. She graduated from Vassar College with two degrees, one in Art History and the other in Italian. She once told the New York Times that being Meryl Streep’s daughter was something that used to bother her.

Like her mom and older sister, she is also an actress. She has acted on different shows including “The Newsroom” and “American Horror Story” and is a series regular on “Mr. Robot” as FBI investigator Dom DiPierro.

3 Louisa the Model

Entity shares Meryl Streep daughter.

Unlike her two sisters, Louisa was born in Los Angeles, California in June of 1991. Like her mom and sister Grace, she graduated from Vassar College. Louisa graduated with a degree in psychology.

She decided to take a different route and went into modeling rather than acting. Louisa is currently modeling under IMG Models. She has appeared in Vanity Fair and Glamour. Also, Louisa has done a campaign for Dior.

4 They Have An Older Brother.

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Not only does Meryl Streep have three gorgeous daughters, but she also has a son. Henry Wolfe is a musician, songwriter, singer and actor based out of Los Angeles. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 2002. He co-founded the New York indie pop band named Bravo Silva. However, now he’s a solo artist. His latest music release was the album titled “Asilomar” in 2015.

However, Henry is not the only man in Meryl’s life. She has been married to American sculptor Don Gummer since 1978. He earned his MFA from Yale in sculpture.

Entity shares Meryl Streep's daughters.

As you can tell, creative talent clearly runs in this family. Whether it’s on the small screen, on the big screen or in a spread for Vanity fair, Meryl Streep’s daughters showcase their talents extremely well.

Now that you know who Meryl Streep’s daughters are, you can be sure to go check out their work. Enjoy!

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