ENTITY shares 5 facts about Olivia Culpo.Photo via Instagram/@oliviaculpo

You may have caught a glimpse of Olivia Culpo on the red carpet flashing her pearly whites. One thing is for sure, she is one gorgeous gal. But she didn’t get to where she is now by just being pretty.

She was but a little girl with big dreams.

Here’s why there’s more to this lovely lady than meets the eye.

1 Olivia Culpo is a former pageant queen.

Olivia Culpo didn’t need a gazillion dollar dress to wow the judges in her first pageant. Culpo won her first pageant with her beauty, talent and a $20 dollar dress.

But even though she’s a former pageant queen turned celebrity, she told Us Weekly that her parents didn’t agree with pageants at first. “My parents didn’t think it was a good idea, and I ended up getting my dress the night before. It was a $20 rent-the-runway gown that was too short [and had] a hole in the back of it,” she shared.

It didn’t matter, though, because she went on to be crowned Miss Universe and served as the first Miss USA to win the competition in 15 years.

ENTITY shares 5 facts about Olivia Culpo.

2 She was very awkward when she was younger.

Although we know her to be the stunning and popular pageant queen now, it wasn’t always that way. Culpo said that she was actually really awkward and out of shape.

“As a little girl, I was really chubby. I don’t think kids know anything about diet, so I’m sure I was eating whatever I wanted to. And on top of that I was not athletic,”she told Ocean Drive Magazine. “I was definitely more into the arts. All of a sudden, I got really tall and lean. After my crazy growth spurt, I looked like a completely different person.”

3 To add on to her elegance, she also plays the cello.

She fell in love with the cello harder than Britney did with K-Fed. It wasn’t hard for her, though, since her mother, Susan Curran, is a professional musician. Culpo says that she finds peace in the instrument to this day.

“I started when I was about six-years-old, I grew up with it. My brothers and sisters all play instruments as well, it’s a big part of my family life,” she told Arcadia Online. “It was important for me to keep it up as an adult. It’s very therapeutic and I often play my cello when I am feeling super stressed.”

4 She dated Nick Jonas and was even in his music video.

Olivia Culpo’s stunning brown eyes caught the attention of a former Jonas Brother band member.

Nick and Olivia dated for a rock solid two years. The “Jealous” singer even featured Culpo in his music video.

ENTITY shares 5 facts about Olivia Culpo.

Sadly, the couple split due to unexplained circumstances. Things seem to have ended on a loving note, though, from what he told Entertainment Tonight.

“We had a beautiful two years together and [I have] nothing but love and respect for her,” he said. “It’s always hard and my thing now is focusing on my work and staying as busy as I can, as creative as I can be. These are the times you’ve just got to dive in and get lost in your work.”

Olivia is now dating NFL player Danny Amendola and they look as happy as can be.

ENTITY shares 5 facts about Olivia Culpo.

Photo via Instagram/@oliviaculpo

5 She believes in giving back.

Culpo also has a giving heart and the number one thing that she wants to give is free education. She teamed up with a campaign named Pencils of Promise to make education accessible for children in underprivileged countries.

Culpo said she was honored that she was picked to be an ambassador for the campaign. “I was in Guatemala at a school groundbreaking ceremony at the PoP team surprised me and asked me to be an ambassador. I jumped up and down,” she told E! News.

As for us, we will jump up and down every day thanking the gods above us for giving us Olivia Culpo.

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