Plus size women encounter harsh criticism for their size, lifestyle and overall health. Not only is it annoying, but it can be hurtful. Curvy women are often dismissed as being “lazy”, “unhealthy” or “junk food fanatics”. In a society that equates beauty with thinness and thinness with health, it’s difficult to view ourselves as beautiful.

Thankfully, plus size Instagram fitness models changed the game. Bold, curvy and courageous– plus size and body positive Instagram fitness models shatter standards of beauty and fitness by promoting health at any size. By offering women (and men)  of all ages positive plus size representation, these inspirational fitness models instill confidence, self-love and a sense of self-worth in their fans.

1 Jessamyn Stanley

ENTITY discusses inspirational plus size Instagram fitness models.

Image via Instagram/@mynameisjessamyn.

Jessamyn Stanley is the queen of body positivity. A self-proclaimed yoga enthusiast and fat femme, Stanley is a yoga instructor, author and body positive fitness model. Her book, Every Body Yoga, discusses oppressive standards of beauty and acceptance at any size.

Stanley’s Instagram, featuring various yoga poses, demonstrates that bodies of all shapes and size can be beautiful and strong. Not only do her posts show that larger bodies can be healthy, flexible and strong, but that they’re beautiful as well. For these reasons, Stanley’s Instagram is a must-follow for anyone looking for inspiration and #healthatanysize motivation.

2 Amanda LaCount

ENTITY shares inspiration plus size Instagram fitness models.

Image via Instagram/@amandalacount

At just 17 years-old, Amanda LaCount embodies self-love and body acceptance. Her mind-blowing breakdancing skills landed her gigs dancing in Katy Perry’s Swish Swish music video and on Dancing With the Stars.

While her resume is extremely impressive, LaCount’s hashtag, #breakingthestereotype, is her most meaningful feat. As a result, LaCount’s social media presence skyrocketed. Her inspiring Instagram account is especially motivational for young women hungering for a fearless role model. Her radiant exuberance is evidence that beauty is more than skin deep.

3 Dana Falsetti

ENTITY discusses inspirational plus size Instagram fitness models.

Image via Instagram/@nolatrees

Yoga instructor, body positive speaker and host of Deep Dive, Dana Falsetti makes it her goal to instill confidence in those struggling with body image. After facing body shaming at many yoga studios, Falsetti sought to create safe spaces for people of all sizes to practice yoga. In fact, Falsetti hosts yoga classes both online and in-person, offering women and men the opportunity to practice in studio or from the comfort of their own home.

Falsetti’s Instagram promotes body positivity and mind/body health. Gorgeous Pinterest-worthy posts demonstrate that beauty is a result of self love and happiness. By simultaneously representing empowerment and delicacy, Falsetti’s posts are an ode to the feminine spirit and strength.

4 Roz “the Diva” Mays

ENTITY talks plus size Instagram fitness models.

Image via Instagram/ @rozthediva

When it comes to Roz “the Diva” Mays, the term “badass” doesn’t even begin to cover it. As a certified trainer and pole dancing instructor, Mays encourages her followers to step out of their comfort zone and “learn how to intoxicate the masses.” Not only does Mays rock the pole, but she leads seminars training instructors on how to coach plus size athletes.

Mays’ unapologetic power and sexuality drips fierceness. Her focus on confidence, sexual appeal and fun reflects on her Instagram where she parades her awe-inspiring pole skills. “The Diva’s” dauntless self-love and body positivity teaches followers to own their body and sexuality.

5 Ashley Graham

ENTITY discusses plus size Instagram fitness models.

Image via Instagram/ @ashleygraham

Last, but certainly, not least, there’s Queen Ashley Graham. Over the last decade, Graham has driven the body positive revolution. She’s deemed the fashion industry’s first plus size supermodel, boldly flaunting her every curve, bump and roll.

A creator and advocate of #BeautyBeyondSize, Graham embodies strength, power and sex appeal through her mix of fashion, glamour and fitness shots. Graham’s Instagram is a reminder that strength, health and power can come in any shape and size.

Look no further for positive encouragement and confidence. These gorgeous, self-loving super women will help anyone realize their ultimate health and beauty, both inside and out.

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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