ENTITY reports on quotes about strength

There are many types of strengths. From physical to emotional, there are ways to channel your inner strength to help you overcome any hurdles.

We all have our moments of weakness. We allow people to drag us down and make us feel worthless. Whether it’s from a significant other, a friend, a family member or a comment from a stranger, we feel shot down.

And in these dark moments of helplessness, what we lack to look for are our own personal superpowers.

You can walk through life thinking “I’m not smart enough,” “I’m not pretty enough” or even “I’m not creative enough,” but here’s the thing: the glass is half full, not half empty.

Despite our shortcomings, we have an abundance of skill no one else possesses. Our upbringings and experiences have shaped our personalities and talents.

You don’t have to fight off the pack, but be strong enough to become their leader.

Don’t allow your shortcomings keep you from reaching your ultimate potential.

Whether it’s your intelligence, creativity, physical strength or kindness, you can always use that power to come out on top.

A combination of everything we’ve been through, every struggle, every hurdle, every adversity only makes you stronger.

When you’re thrown into the toughest situations, you have the capability to come out tougher, more independent and more resilient.

Don’t come out crawling, but come out leading the pack. When life throws a cannon, don’t wave your white flag. You will never know light if you don’t know darkness. Those horrifying days where you feel like you’re falling down a black hole are important. They mean you’re alive. They mean that only good things are to come. So don’t stay down when life knocks you down, but take it as a challenge. Take it as a challenge to come out winning and powerful. Be the confident leader you know you can be. Prove to life that it can’t keep knocking you down. Give it a reason to be afraid of you.

So, while we all have our reasons to feel worthless, our hardships only build us up and keep us unbreakable.

Don’t back down, overcome your struggles and put them on your team. Instead of fighting against your problems, use them as a reminder that you are stronger and you can make it through anything.


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