ENTITY talks about twins who are embracing their natural selves

If you mess with one of them then you mess with both of them. TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann are a power duo making impactful strides. They are identical twins with an identical purpose of empowering women to embrace their own style.

The sisters were not born into the business of modeling or fashion. They had to put in a lot of work to get noticed and recognized. Growing up in Baltimore, their family encouraged the girls to grab hold of their own identities.

TK and Cipriana each have their own fan base and Instagram accounts but combined they have over 300,000  followers. They are constantly posting pictures of their street style, fashion campaigns and just everyday pictures of themselves. Cipriana who is one of the co-founders of Urban Bush Babes writes about fashion, her life and hair. Her twin TK is also a contributor to the site’s content. Whatever the content may be, these two are attracting the attention of a huge audience.

Fashion Impact

ENTITY talks about twins who are embracing their natural selves

Photo via Instagram/ @tk_wonder

The sisters are lovers of vintage clothing and unusual patterns and colors. They always say that if you like it then wear it. Regardless of what people want you to wear, it’s your body and it’s your sense of fashion. One of the reasons these two love fashion so much is because they see it as a way to express themselves through clothing. Style Caster interviewed the twins on their style. Cipriana said, “My style can be schizophrenic at times, but I have a deep love for the ’60s and ’70s regarding fashion and music.” TK describes her personal style as having,  “multiple personalities.”

The sisters have worked for multiple top line fashion brands, including Marc Jacobs, Lord and Taylor and Top Shop. The New York Times included the sisters on their list of best dressed at New York Fashion Week.

Whether they are wearing high fashion fits or thrifted-vintage ensembles, these sisters are making statements with their unique styles.

Embracing their natural hair

ENTITY talks about twins who are embracing their natural selves

Photo via Instagram/ @tk_wonder

TK and Cipriana have huge locks. Both TK and Cipriana attribute their love for their hair back to their mother. She was the one who always encouraged the pair to stand strong in their hair. TK told Marie Claire, “She didn’t use a bunch of products on our hair.” She was always very patient with them and eventually taught them to be patient with themselves. 

Most people stand amazed at how much hair the sisters have. They hold their heads high feeling confident in their natural hair.  On Urban Bush Babes, TK and Cipriana include many of their styling tips and tricks about their hair. In an interview with Into The Gloss Cipriana said, “I think the natural hair movement is getting a lot of traction because of social media. It’s helping to break barriers and give people access to platforms they didn’t have a few years ago.” They have both rocked their natural hair for years. It was not always easy for them though. When the sisters first entered the modeling world their hair was a “problem.” TK and Cipriana struggled to find hair stylists that could do their hair. The sisters were even denied modeling opportunities because of their hair.

ENTITY talks about twin sisters

Photo via Instagram/ @tk_wonder

TK and Cipriana say that their hair has its own character. Cipriana once said, “Now, young girls see images of women of all colors and shapes and hair textures, and I think it’s really inspiring everyone to be braver. It’s not just about hair—it’s also about feeling comfortable and being yourself and saying to the world, ‘Here I am.” How empowering is that?

Big hair, big style and big confidence- that’s the sisters’ secret recipe!

Edited by Chloe Lew

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