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The children of celebrities have it tough. They have to navigate their parents’ fame and the public eye, while also trying to make their own place in the world. Skye Herjavec is no exception.

Her father, Robert Herjavec, a Croatian-Canadian businessman, is best known for his role as a host of “Shark Tank” and his stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” He and Skye’s mother, Diane Plese, divorced in 2016. Robert Herjavec married his “Dancing with the Stars” co-star Kym Johnson and they have two children together.  Although there’s plenty of information about her parents, mostly tabloid coverage, Skye and her siblings, Caprice and Brendan, have kept a comparatively low profile. In fact, she’s so under the radar the only images of her appear to be her LinkedIn profile photo and footage from this YouTube video from what appears to be a class project.

Here’s what we know about Skye Herjavec that proves she’s most definitely a #WomanThatDoes.

1 She calls herself a Trojan.

ENTITY reveals 5 things about Skye Herjavec.

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According to her LinkedIn profile, she attended the University of Southern California (USC) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. The USC Marshall School of Business is one of the few programs in the country to offer an undergraduate business major. Its business programs are also highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report as some of the best in the country. However you feel about USC’s athletic teams, you’ve got to respect the fact that she got in and graduated!

2 Like her father, she’s also pursuing a career in business.

ENTITY tells 5 facts about Skye Herjavec.

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Skye Herjavec isn’t a stranger to the working world. Her LinkedIn profile shows she’s interned in the sales departments of Badgley Mischka and Walter Baker in New York. Furthermore, her profile states that she started three Lululemon pop-up stores in Ontario, Canada. The most recent experience currently listed is as a Summer Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. According to reviews from website Glassdoor.com, interns liked the work culture and learning environment. Many of them received offers at the end of their contracts. We’re crossing our fingers for you, Skye!

3 She’s a smart cookie.

Her record of academic achievement should silence any critics who may accuse her of benefiting from her father’s connections. Skye Herjavec attended Havergal College, a Canadian, independent K-12 school for girls, founded in 1894. According to school records, she made the Honor Roll during the 2013-2014 school year. According to her LinkedIn profile, she made the Dean’s List in the spring of 2015 while attending USC.  We see you, Skye. We see you!

4 She’s an athlete.

She competed in a 5K in high school and achieved a personal record in this 2013 cross-country meet. Running long distances is no easy feat. You go, girl! She also continued her interest in athletics by interning for the Trojan Athletic Fund. She coordinated events and managed relationships with donors, according to her LinkedIn profile.

5 She’s a #WomanThatDoes!

ENTITY tells 5 facts about Skye Herjavec


During her time at USC, Skye Herjavec was a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women.  According to the USC chapter’s website, the mission of Pi Beta Phi is “to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service.” The organization offers its members mentorship relationships, leadership opportunities and networking. She was listed on their 2015 tax return as a Vice President of Housing, according to records from missionandvision.org.

Skye Herjavec’s empowering women experiences sounds majorly in line with ENTITY’s goals and we’re so happy she’s on the same wavelength!

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