Entity reports on what you should know about star celeb Vanessa Hudgens!

America met Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical, and she’s captured the nation’s attention ever since. After all, she’s gorgeous; she can sing; and she can act. What more do you want?

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To celebrate this star celeb, ENTITY is sharing five facts you should know if you want to be a legit Vanessa Hudgens expert!

1 Don’t expect to see her in High School Musical 4.

Fans may be dreaming of seeing Vanessa Hudgens re-appear in High School Musical 4, a reboot that was first announced in 2016. However, Hudgens revealed, “I could be a teacher, but I refuse to be a teacher! I’m still a teenager at heart.”

Entity reports on what you should know about star celeb Vanessa Hudgens!

Instead, the film will feature a new group of East High Wildcats. Hudgens’ main piece of advice for the new cast is this: “Just have fun. We were just kids running around having fun.” Considering the fact that High School Musical blasted both Hudgens and then-love-interest Zac Efron into celebrity stardom, we’ll see what other stars emerge from movie number four!

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2 She’s a pro at long-distance relationships.

Although Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens took their on-screen romance into the real world for five years, Hudgens revealed she “completely lost contact with him.” Most likely, she’s been keeping busy with her present boyfriend, Austin Butler. The duo was first spotted together in 2011, and they’ve been dating ever since. Butler is currently in New Zealand to film MTV’s “The Shannara Chronicles,” making their relationship “very long-distance,” according to Hudgens.

Entity reports on what you should know about star celeb Vanessa Hudgens!

However, their relationship seems stronger than ever. Hudgens says “communication is key” when dating long-distance. She also suggests: “If anything’s bothering you, don’t hold it in. Always bring it up and just talk about it. Un-censor yourself and just be open.”

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3 She’s one of those Soul Cycle/smoothie chicks you keep seeing on Instagram.

Just when you thought Hudgens couldn’t give you any more #lifegoals, she shares her morning routine! When she’s working, she can’t follow this schedule. However, on her days off, Hudgens loves waking up, drinking lots of water and enjoying a few spoonfuls of almond butter before taking an exercise class. These classes can vary from Pilates to yoga to – you guessed it – the infamous SoulCycle. And, in true celebrity fashion, she gets a smoothie afterward to refuel and rehydrate!

Entity reports on what you should know about star celeb Vanessa Hudgens!

Sometimes, she even rides on the main podium of her SoulCycle class…which basically means she’s teaching the class. No biggie. “I’m such a performer that I know that if I’m in front of the class, I’m going to push myself so much harder, which is good for me,” Hudgens explains. “But I also think I have a lot of energy and it’s fun to be able to inspire a class with that.”

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4 Her dream superpower?

Hudgens’ latest project is a lead role in NBC’s “Powerless,” which is the first comedy to take place within the DC Comics Universe. Long story short, Hudgens works at a company that designs products to keep people safe from the daily attacks of villains. When interviewed by Access Hollywood, though, Hudgens shared the super power she’d like to call her own.

Entity reports on what you should know about star celeb Vanessa Hudgens!

“I want to be able to teleport,” Hudgens said. “I think teleportation would be the coolest thing ever. You’d never have to go to an airport. Totally convenient. Never need to have a car.” This super power would definitely also come in handy for visiting her boyfriend in New Zealand!

5 She doesn’t define “wellness” as being solely physical.

When you think about “wellness,” you may imagine having a toned body or eating the right food. For Hudgens, this is only half of the equation. As she told NY Mag, “Wellness, to me, is an overall state of happiness. I think that when you have a healthy body and mind, you can’t help but be happy in life.”

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Hudgens personally feels her best by sticking to a high-fat, high-protein, high-green salad diet with no carbs, dairy or sugar. However, her best wellness advice isn’t to follow a particular meal plan – it’s to “drink a lot of water” and tend to your mental health. “I think a lot of people get really stuck on trying to fix their bodies to be a certain way, but if your mental health isn’t at a place where you can love yourself, the whole thing’s pointless,” Hudgens explains.

Entity reports on what you should know about star celeb Vanessa Hudgens!

Even though Vanessa Hudgens may have left the High School Musical franchise, she certainly hasn’t ditched the spotlight…which, luckily for us, means we have plenty more chances to learn about relationships, health and more from one of our favorite star celebs!

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