ENTITY shares youtube influencers who have made a career for themselves.

YouTube stars are becoming the new need-to-know celebrities.

Teenagers are more captivated by YouTube influencers than they are by mainstream celebrities, according to a survey completed by Variety. YouTube stars seem relatable through their channel, but they still hold that celebrity status.

Not only are these stars relatable, they also let us know that anyone has the chance to be a success and make a name for themselves. They have used what makes them unique and turned it into a profitable platform.

Most YouTube influencers get their start by sharing their beauty tips or making jokes about everyday issues and events.

Here are some YouTube influencers who took their talent and turned it into a successful career.


ENTITY youtube influencers

Photo via Instagram / @glozell

GloZell Green is a YouTube comedienne who is known for her signature phrase “Is you ok?” and her video parodies. But that’s not where her talents end. She also conducts interviews and provides her viewers with a glimpse into her home life.

GloZell’s YouTube channel has more than 4.5 million subscribers and features over 2,000 videos, according to her website.

But this was no easy feat. GloZell accidentally stumbled upon her YouTube career when people at Jay Leno tapings told her that she was funny. She actually started using YouTube after a friend suggested it, so that she could upload videos faster, according to Forbes. Once people started noticing her, she realized the benefit of the platform.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, GloZell shares herself with her audience while making light of current obsessions and daily trials. From waxing on camera to taking a slime bath, GloZell has shown that she is not afraid to do what it takes to make her audience laugh. Through her comedic antics and letting her audience see her in the mommy role, she has shown the public that she is down to earth.

Because of her ability to relate to her audience’s everyday life, GloZell has established herself as a top influencer.

Liza Koshy

ENTITY youtube influencers

Photo via Instagram / @lizakoshy

Liza Koshy is the self-proclaimed “little brown girl with big dreams.” Koshy made her claim to fame through her comedic Vine videos. From there, her fame quickly rose as she continued to post funny material and open herself up to her audience.

Since her rise to fame, Koshy has dropped out of college to pursue her career in Los Angeles, and she signed with Creative Artists Agency, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Koshy’s YouTube channel currently has more than 14 million subscribers. Her videos range from parody DIY videos to playing truth or dare in public, using dares her audience has sent in. Koshy exhibits the self-confidence that we all wish we had ourselves.

Koshy makes her life an open book for her audience, even sharing relationship details with now ex-boyfriend David Dobrik. Her career has since expanded, and she is acting in movies and commercials.

By showing the world her personal obstacles and passions, Koshy uses her platform as a way to demonstrate that celebrities are normal people. Koshy shows how all of us can turn an opportunity into a stepping stone for our careers.

Lilly Singh

ENTITY reports on how youtube influencers created their fame.

Photo via Instagram / @iisuperwomanii

Lilly Singh is well-known for her YouTube channel “IISuperwomanII.” Her channel offers a comedic flair on everyday issues that everyone goes through.

On her website, Singh shares how she deals with the hardships of life.

“I thoroughly believe in crying, yelling, pulling my hair out, and experiencing heartache, BUT once I’m done I dissect the pain and learn lesson from it,” Singh stated.

Singh utilized these life lessons to launch her career. At the age of 27, she found herself at a crossroads and used YouTube as a way to pull herself out of depression, according to PEOPLE.

“People ask how I got out of my depression, and I don’t know. Something in my brain just switched. Now I hope my videos can be a switch for someone,” Singh stated.

Singh is also the founder of #GirlLove, which focuses on building community and ending the girl-on-girl hate.

Through #GirlLove, Singh is currently focusing on raising money to help send girls in Kenya to school.

Singh is a proven influencer within society because she is using her fame as a platform to build up her fellow man.


ENTITY shares youtube influencers who built a career for themselves.

Photo via Instagram / @zoella

Zoe Sugg, known to the public as Zoella, offers beauty tips and fashion hauls through her YouTube channels. Both of her channels combined, Zoella and MoreZoella, have over 16 million followers.

However, Zoella did not plan on becoming a YouTube influencer and stumbled upon her career by chance.

In an interview with Vogue, Zoella shared how she started filming as a hobby while experimenting with her blog during an apprenticeship as an interior designer.

Zoella also shared that she prefers content on YouTube as the content is more real, and she focuses on generating her content through that medium.

“People say they like my fashion-haul videos because it’s like you’ve been shopping with your friends, “Zoella shared with Vogue. “Because of social media I can make a video they can comment to each other, it’s more of a direct relationship.”

In addition to creating relatable content for her viewers, Zoella is currently working on her lifestyle book, “Cordially Invited.” According to the website, the purpose of the book is to provide readers with a “blueprint for making and event and a memory out of each day.”

All of these YouTube influencers came from humble beginnings and have built themselves an empire through their tenacity. Their path to fame not only shows that anyone can achieve their goals, but also shows that there is more to celebrities than just the glitz and glamour.

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