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For the past five years, Lisette has built quite the impressive YouTube channel. Her videos range from hair and makeup tutorials to girl talk issues about friendships, periods and boys. Every video is aesthetically pleasing, with fun graphics, perfect lighting and a perfect flow to match. Unsurprisingly, her following continues to rise.

She has hundreds of videos for tips on managing naturally curly hair, makeup and so much more.

With over 1.5 million subscribers and 350,000 followers on Instagram, Lisette has created a name for herself and is on her way to becoming a brand that is relatable and flawless.

Here are some of her videos that can help any woman get through difficult times.

1 The Truth About Friends and Relationships

Lisette gives advice on friendships and relationships and even mentioned her own experiences with relationships. In her “Girl Talk” series, she also chooses a topic that is relatable to all girls. Some of her advice includes not settling for anyone, learning how to let go of certain relationships and realizing the difference between long-term relationships and seasonal ones.

Lisette shared one piece of advice she received. She said, “When it comes to relationships, whether that be romantic, whether that be friendships, whether that be anything, some people are seasonal.”

2 Curly Hair Journey

It can be quite frustrating to have naturally curly hair, depending on hair type. Lisette opened up about her experience with having curly hair. She explained how she started to relax her hair to keep it straight. After 7 years, Lisette was able to transition back to her natural curls. She also explains other hair treatments and her experience with coloring her hair.

3 Feminine Hygiene Tips

This video is about feminine issues that almost every woman encounters. The topics range from ingrown hairs, dealing with feminine smell and wearing the right kind of underwear. For underwear, “Cotton underwear is your best friend.” When it comes to feminine smells, Lisette recommends drinking water to help improve your smell. She explained, “Skin, nails, hair looks better, pee doesn’t stink. Everything is so much better when you drink water.”

4 The Truth About Losing Your Virginity

In this video, Lisette gives some advice on sex. Specifically, she talks about losing your virginity and the misconceptions some may have about it. Lisette also gives some insight into the right time to lose your virginity. One important piece of advice Lisette gives is, “You have to be safe, and you have to be smart,”  when it comes to losing your virginity and becoming sexually active.

5 Teeth Care/Whitening Tips

These teeth whitening tips are very helpful for everyone. On YouTube, there are not many videos about how to have whiter teeth. Lisette gives advice on teeth care, how to get rid of bad breath and how to make your teeth whiter. She also gave some tips on lip care. In order to keep your lips nice and smooth, Lisette recommends exfoliating with a toothbrush or with a lip scrub. “I exfoliate my lips probably every night, every time I brush my teeth,” she said. “I just automatically take my toothbrush and brush over my lips without toothpaste.”

6 Party Glam

This makeup tutorial is glamorous and shows Lisette’s makeup for New Year’s Eve, when it was filmed. She goes into detail about the products she used. The glam tutorial is a full face, since it is for New Year’s. The transformation is gorgeous and the red lip makes the final look classy and sophisticated.

7 How to Keep Colored Hair Healthy and Defined

When it comes to colored hair, your hair is more prone to dryness. If you dyed your hair and have not been taking care of it, you can have hair damage and/or breakage. Lisette’s video shows her wash-and-go routine for her curly, colored hair. She uses Moroccanoil products.

8 Dating Horror Stories

This video is about Lisette’s personal experiences. A lot of women in their 20s have had bad experiences in the dating world. Lisette talks about her terrible dating experiences, which makes her relatable to her subscribers.

She tells three stories of her dating experiences. One of those dates came from the dating app Tinder, about which Lisette gave some safety tips. This video is entertaining, while giving insight about certain precautions to take when dating.

9 Acne, Birth Control and Periods

This video is very informative and focuses on different products that can help with your skincare routine. Lisette also discusses the effects and uses of birth control. She briefly discusses periods as well. For those with various questions concerning these three topics, this video can give you all the answers.

10 The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

Lisette talks about her experience with laser hair removal. Since many women shave and wax, laser hair removal can an option if it’s not already. Lisette explains the pros of laser hair removal, which include preventing ingrown hairs and lightening dark areas. She explains her entire experience and gives advice about how to approach laser hair removal.

Lisette’s social following has made her into a beauty guru. Her followers prove that her videos are essential, and they provide entertainment for all women.

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