Entity 5 facts on Zoe Kravitz

If you don’t already know Zoe Kravitz, you need to. She does it all: acting, singing, modeling.

And she’s only 28. Zoe has starred in big name blockbusters, including “Fantastic Beasts.” She also had a role in the recent TV mini series “Big Little Lies.”

She’s the daughter of famous musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Her parents may be famous, but she’s still a self-made, awesome woman. Take a look at why.

Here are five fun facts you need to know about Zoe:

1 when she was younger, she wanted to be a spy.

Entity 5 facts on Zoe Kravitz

In an interview with British Vogue, Kravitz said that at age 10 she wanted to be a spy. Who wouldn’t want to be a “Spy Kid”?

We admit we also had this dream once upon a time. But acting has always been a passion of hers, and it’s gotten her pretty far if you ask us.

And she’s certainly in the right family for it. Her mother and father are both in show business — and her stepfather, Jason Momoa, famously played Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones,” and is set to be Aquaman in DC’s “Justice League.”

2 she has the best hand tattoos.

Entity 5 facts on Zoe Kravitz

Via Instagram/@_dr_woo_

Hand tattoos are increasingly popular these days, and Zoe Kravitz might have picked the perfect ones. The tattoos are small yet still beautiful.

Our favorite is the Basquiat crown. Check out esteemed tattoo artist @_dr_woo_ on Instagram for small tattoo ideas.

3 she’s only 5′ 2”.

Entity 5 facts on Zoe Kravitz

Via Instagram/@zoeisabellakravitz

Which is pretty short. For a model, at least. She’s done ads for Calvin Klein, Allure and Elle, to name a few.

In the modeling world filled with girls towering over six feet tall, it’s pretty impressive that Zoe has been so successful at a comparatively short height.

4 She has the same birthday as Woody Allen.

Entity 5 facts on Zoe Kravitz

Both actors, both born on December 1. Must be a good luck day if you want to be an actor.

Of course, we’re guessing for Zoe her talent had quite a bit to do with it, too. I mean, have you seen her in “Big Little Lies?” She was amazing.

She also put on a stellar performance as a young woman named Marie suffering from a debilitating eating disorder in 2014 indie drama “The Road Within.”

And don’t forget about her comedic side! She also starred alongside Ilana Glazer, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell and Paul W. Downs in recent raunchy bachelorette comedy “Rough Night.”

5 she starred in a Jay Z music video once.

Entity 5 facts on Zoe Kravitz

Zoe made an appearance in the music video for Jay Z’s song “I Know.” So she’s basically done everything.

What’s she doing next? Catch her in “Fantastic Beasts 2,” set to be released in November 2018.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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