Entity explores luxury brands for very unexpected products.

The word ‘luxury’ is attributed to social class, hotels, cruises, furniture, homes and … staplers? Yes, staplers. Luxury is thrown around as a marketing tool to glamorize products and justify hiked up prices. You wouldn’t think such mundane products could reach high-class status, but in fact they have. Here are five items you wouldn’t expect to be luxury.

1 Staplers

Are you curious about how it would feel to punch your papers with an acrylic, gold accented stapler? This clear, light pink and gold stapler by Kate Spade New York will surely “keep it together.”

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2 Toilet Plungers

If you’re going to be doing something as mundane as toilet plunging … you might as well do it in style right? Believe it or not, Bed Bath and Beyond has a small selection of “designer” toilet plungers. Luxury Toilet brushes and holders make up about 419 products at The Bath Outlet, with some as expensive as $760. 

3 Frisbees

A store called Zontik sells high-end Frisbees (or “flying discs,” which definitely has a better ring to it). These luxury flying discs are selling for a whopping $305.

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4 Computer Keyboards

Gold-plated, leather, exotic wood keyboards are selling for some hefty numbers. For up to thousands of dollars, you can experience typing at a whole other level with comfort literally at your fingertips.

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5 Ice

Expensive taste doesn’t just stop at cloths, restaurants and hotels. If you want to cool your drink with class, you can’t have messy shards in your glass. Glace ice produces crystalline cubes and spheres, perfectly carved for your cocktail. Other brands have taken it up a notch with the addition of flowers in each ice cube.

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