Entity explores light fixtures that will change your dining room aesthetic.

What should every man and woman know about indoor decoration? Whether you’re a professional designer or a busy mom of three, light fixtures are everything! Unlike your home’s floorboards, counter tops and overall structure, you have complete control over the light fixtures in your house. Take advantage of the opportunity for creativity. It’s easy for previously installed light fixtures to look cheap and typical, especially in places like the dining room where the lighting is a centerpiece of the room.

Looking to upgrade the fixtures in your dining room? Here are ENTITY’s top nine easy, elegant and eccentric options that every woman should consider!

1 Rustic Hanging Einstein Bulb

Did someone say New York City flat? We absolutely love the look of a free-hanging cord with a gorgeous Einstein bulb at the end. Somehow it gives off the vibe of, “I’m a starving artist who can’t afford exuberant fixtures, but I still have great taste.”

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If one light isn’t enough (as it often isn’t), clustering Einstein bulbs at different heights and spaces makes a great alternative to a typical chandelier. You could even follow in Phil Tucker’s DIY footsteps and attach a line of Einstein bulbs to a rustic piece of lumber. If you’re not a big art aficionado or prefer combining form with function, these light fixtures are the perfect choice. Somehow, the presence of free-hanging cords turns a boring light bulb into a piece of art.

2 Globe Pendant

Globe pendant lamps typically are completely spherical hanging lights. Like other free-hanging structures, they look great when hung up at varying lengths in clusters. The spherical glass ones look amazing in modern homes!

If you want a little more of a quirky vibe, though, you can experiment with making your own. For instance, Decoist suggests making a “globe pendant” by cutting an old globe in half and rigging it with a pendant light kit and wiring. If you want more of an “airy” feel, you could also buy a globe pendant that features many small holes along the cover (which allows light to escape from a variety of sources). If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even make your own.

3 Bubble Chandelier

Want something that will really take visitors’ breath away? Then bubble chandeliers are your lighting soulmates! With a typical light source surrounded by a cluster of glass spheres, the bubble chandelier is yet another simplistic fixture that can totally upgrade the look of your dining room.

Bubble chandeliers offer a variety of different shape options, too. Just glancing at a website like Pelle Designs reveals shapes like the “wreath” (which boasts the same flattened, horizontal shape as its name!), the “extra tall” (which looks like a water droplets in a vertical column) and the pendant (which offers a smaller, vertical cluster of bubbles).

4 Geometric Bulb Enclosure

Did you love your geometry class in high school? Do you want your home to have an edgy vibe? Then look no further than the the geometric bulb enclosure to spice up your dining room! Nowadays, geometric lighting fixtures are extremely easy to come by.

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Geometric bulb enclosures typically consist of a regular light bulb surrounded by a geometric shape made from wood or wire. If your home already follows a minimalist theme, this fixture will fit in while adding subtle structure to any room.

5 Neon Light

If you’re going for a techno-cool look to your home, a neon light could be the perfect statement piece to complete your dining room. A fluorescent light is also the perfect party piece to shift from a day-to-night setting. (There are also neon fluorescent light chandeliers, if you’re into that.)

If you want to show off an artistic flair, you can even buy your own fluorescent light cover and illuminate your room with inspiring images of clouds, mountains or a personal design. One company called Octo Lights offers a variety of pre-made covers – ranging from photographs of outer space to waterfalls to flowers – as well as the option to brighten up a room with a cover featuring a personal design.

6 Origami Light

If you like the look of the geometric hanging wall fixtures, an origami light might be another good match for you. The benefit of an origami light? Plenty of funky texture. These lights also tend to have more complicated structures, since the paper being used is so easy to manipulate.

Need some ideas for your own DIY project? Home Aesthetics suggests three different origami light designs ranging from the traditional paper folding method to swirling lamps made from bamboo sticks. The best part? Origami lights can be as simple or as complex as you like. It’s all up to you (and your folding skills)!

7 Spiral Pendant

Not up to making a bunch of lights yourself? Just buy a spiral pendant light! The organic spiral shape would be a great counterbalance to someone with a lot of structural furniture. You can also explore a variety of different designs, ranging from stacked triangles carved out of wood to a retro spiral staircase to a waterfall-esque shape with crystal fittings.

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Besides offering elegance and class, these lights are also relatively inexpensive and easily found at a variety of stores. Who says you can’t be elegant and thrifty at the same time?

8 Candle Style Chandelier

For some, the idea of a traditional candle-style chandelier can seem passé nowadays. But chandeliers are way more classic than traditional.

Chandeliers also come with several benefits along with their class elegance. Bellacor points out that chandeliers can add style without taking up a lot of space, give a boring room wow appeal and offer a diverse range of designs. You don’t need  to have a fancy manor to rock a chandelier over your dining room table, you just need to find the right chandelier to match your space and style!

9 Artichoke Light

You may have imagined a whole artichoke hanging from your home’s ceiling when you read this last tip,  but we’re not talking about the vegetable. Rather, we’re referring to the cute layered lamps that have an artichoke-like shape. These come in plenty of different sizes and colors and offer an understated yet elegant touch to any dining room.

With all these options, you’re sure to find a fixture that strikes your fancy. You’ll be the envy of your friends, as well as any indoor decorating enthusiasts you may know. In fact, with an elegant light fixture to upgrade every room, a “brighter” future is nearly guaranteed.

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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