Entity reports on Week 8 of 'The Bachelor'

The latest episode of “The Bachelor” had it all – uncomfortable conversations about race,  a police incident and tight pants. But best of all I got to watch it with my sorority sisters and some of their comments were magical.

As one said while refilling her wine glass and watching Nick Viall in his skin-tight pants, “I bet he’s awful in bed.” The room erupted at that.

“Oh for sure,” agreed another friend. “I bet he barely has anything to work with. I mean there is no way anything worth taking home is shoved in those pants.”

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Hoxie, Arkansas, welcomed the man-child and his pants to their wide-open spaces for the first hometown date with Raven. As they attempted to climb the town’s water tower, the pair were stopped by a local cop who it turned out was Raven’s brother trying to prank Nick. “OMG what a plot twist,” said absolutely no one because this was obviously contrived. Just then my phone lit up with a text from my brother, “I wish this wasn’t fake and he actually got a ticket for trespassing, now that would be worth watching.”

After a cute meeting with Raven’s family, Nick was off to Dallas, Texas, to meet the family of the future Bachelorette, Rachel, and it was totally uncomfortable.  The whole hometown date, and the family’s questioning, was centered on the fact that Rachel is black, and Nick is white.

My sisters and I could not believe what we were watching.  One asked, “It is a new day and age, why are we talking about this so much?” Another said, “For a family that is so open and willing to accept other people, why are they so fixated on this difference between them, her older sister is basically with a fatter Nick!” We were just shocked.

Honestly, I was disappointed in the choices that ABC made here. They were very clearly trying to start something that just isn’t healthy, especially with all the issues that our society has been struggling with when it comes to race. This kind of television is what is setting us back. If they had just ignored the difference of their skin tone, then maybe people would start to realize that IT DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL!

Thankfully, the episode was saved by the angel that is Corinne. Her and Nick’s shopping spree had us all laughing and full of envy. “Honestly these are my goals,” a friend told me as she gazed at the screen. “Dropping that kind of money and drinking during it, I want her life.”

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Nick didn’t seem to be complaining either. “This is the most he has smiled and laughed in weeks,” one sister said. Another who hadn’t seen this series before, added,  “I was under the impression that people hated this girl…but it seems to me they have the most fun and the most chemistry.” I couldn’t agree more.

I looked around the room and noticed that every girl in there was smiling from ear to ear. When Corinne dropped the “I love you” bomb on Nick, you would’ve thought the whole  room was getting proposed to. They all squealed and grabbed each other’s arms as the pair kissed. My friend summed up what we were all thinking, “I actually love them together.”

Then team Corn brought her Pretty Woman home to meet the family, which was just pure television gold. Her father was straight out of a mafia movie and Raquel was just as adorable as I pictured. We also found out where Corinne gets her excessive drinking from, because there was no hiding that her whole family was hammered.

My personal favorite part of this whole episode was when Nick and Mr. Corn sat down and talked about Viall’s future with his princess. He was worried that Nick would not be able to support Corinne’s lavish lifestyle, a question that the whole room was wondering. “Seriously if he is with one of these girls he can’t go back on the show, so where is his income?” I personally think he is shooting for a brand deal with whatever company has the tightest pants, but we will have to wait and see.

Finally we made it to the last hometown date. My bottle of wine was quickly dwindling and I was worried that there was no way to top Corinne’s date, but Vanessa surprised me once again.

With her flawless everything, this blessing of a human welcomed Nick to Canada, where he met the mentally challenged children Vanessa works with. It was just as perfect and adorable as you would think. My friend, who is new to the show, couldn’t believe that such a fantastic human was on this reality garbage. “There is no way this girl needs a show to find a guy, she’s actually ever man’s dream girl.”

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But, because this is “The Bachelor,” I knew there was no way that this date was going to go this well the whole time, and I was right. Vanessa’s family did not go easy on Nick, which made me love her even more. They questioned him about who was going to move if the two got engaged, along with questions about his sincerity when it came to Vanessa. “Isn’t this stuff he should have the answers to?” my friend said, “Like he is probably going to pick her and doesn’t know who would move!? That is kinda a big deal…”

The hardest blow of the night came when Vanessa’s father refused to acknowledge Nick’s request to potentially propose to his daughter. “That is exactly what my dad would do.” “It’s what every dad should do!” The dad had a point. I mean he asked four different families for their blessing, that’s messed up.

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Just when it seemed ABC couldn’t squeeze any more drama into this episode, they had former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman barge in on Nick at the end for an uneasy reunion. Cue another “to be continued” graphic.

Can’t wait to see what truth bombs Andi drops on Nick next week. Whatever it is I am sure he deserves it. The sorority sisters and I will be ready, with more wine, to enjoy every crazy minute.

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