ENTITY proves that anime women aren't just looks.Photo via Instagram / @_anime_pagee_

It’s time for sexism and anime to part ways. Badass anime women are on the rise, and we’re making sure they’re here for good. It’s awesome to see artists fight against this genre’s stereotypes with their strong, complex female characters, so let’s celebrate!

Here’s ENTITY’s list of anime women who kick serious ass.

1 Mikasa Ackerman

ENTITY proves that anime women aren't just looks.

Mikasa from “Attack on Titan” has always acted as a protector. Since childhood, she’s saved Eren, the protagonist, from picking fights he couldn’t win. Despite suffering immense childhood trauma, Mikasa never fails to put Eren before herself.

Once they begin their Survey Corps training, Mikasa is quickly recognized as one of the greatest talents in her class. She is quick and calculating, decimating Titans with her strength and speed. With her intelligence, loyalty and clear head, Mikasa Ackerman is the queen of badass anime women.

2 Tsuyu Asui

ENTITY proves that anime women aren't just looks.

“My Hero Academia’s” Tsu is the unproblematic fan favorite for a reason. She didn’t make much of a splash at first, but in episode 32, she appealed to crowds with her adorable, straightforward honesty.

Also, Tsu always takes the right path, even when it’s the hardest choice. She never backs down from a challenge.

She may not be the flashiest character, but that’s exactly why she’s the most endearing. With Tsu, what you see is what you get. And that’s pretty badass.

3 Erza Scarlet

ENTITY proves that anime women aren't just looks.

You seriously don’t get more hardcore than Erza. Also known as Titania for her infallible combat, she’s one of the strongest mages in the entire “Fairy Tail” series. Her Requip ability allows her to shift through different armors and fighting forms as she pleases.

While her magic is strong, her true talent lies in the strength of her resolve. She would go to any length to protect her friends. She states, “All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don’t care if I’m weaker than everyone in the world.”

She’s power, she’s grace and she’s a loving figure to her guild. A strict discipliner who keeps unruly members in check, Erza is the ultimate mom friend.

And she can also kick your ass to the next century.

4 Riza Hawkeye

ENTITY proves that anime women aren't just looks.

Lieutenant Hawkeye is a reserved, unapologetic badass of anime women. She reigned terror in the Ishvalan War of “Full Metal Alchemist,” earning the name “Hawk’s Eye” for her sniping skill.

Hawkeye’s strength is more psychological than physical. She silently bears the heavy guilt of her war kills. Despite this burden, you never see her buckle. She soldiers on in her mission to atone for her sins.

As Colonel Roy Mustang’s stoic partner, Hawkeye is reticent and shares little about herself. But her heart is larger than her appearance lets on. She strives to create a world where no one would have to endure the same horrors of war that she did.

Hawkeye’s heart, resolve and mental strength make her one of the most badass anime women to date.

5 Violet Evergarden

ENTITY proves that anime women aren't just looks.

There aren’t a lot of backstories more tragic than Violet Evergarden’s. The Netflix anime, also named “Violet Evergarden,” introduces her as an orphan in a war zone. The military soldier who found her began training Violet as a child soldier. Once she became capable of decimating enemy lines, she is given to Major Gilbert. He is supposed to use her as a military tool, but the two formed a close relationship. She came to depend on him as the first person to ever show her kindness.

That being said, Violet’s world is utterly shattered when Gilbert passed away. Along with the death of the most important person in her life, Violet received two robotic arms to replace the ones that were blown off.

But she never ceased to put one foot in front of the other. Even after Gilbert’s death, she continued to struggle on. You see her straighten her back every time life deals her another blow.

And if anyone crosses her, she kicks their ass.

Anime has a reputation for cute girls with unrealistic bodies. But there are a number of truly inspiring anime women out there. These characters are unstoppable forces of nature who continue to break boundaries. There’s a new wave coming, and it’s dangerously female.

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