ENTITY reports on why we find Chris brown abusive.

Why are people still supporting Chris Brown and his music career? We are constantly making excuses for this man even after everything he has done to the women in his life. 

Women are still buying his merchandise, front row tickets to his concerts and drooling over him. It honestly shocks me how hypocritical people can be when a problematic male celebrity is good-looking. I doubt they’d let Chris Brown get away with even half of the  things he has done if he weren’t good-looking.

He started off young when he signed with Jive Records back in 2005, quickly achieving fame with his first album at only 16. That success apparently went to his head because not too long after his shame spiral began. 

Brown infamously assaulted on-off ex, singer and all-around badass, Rihanna in 2009, leaving her face and body badly bruised. He pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to five years of probation and community service. Wait. What?

So… spousal abuse can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony and can result in jail time for up to four years. And yet you’re telling me that for beating his then-girlfriend and threatening to kill her in public Brown gets only five years of probation? Guess it pays to be a wealthy, attractive man in this society, doesn’t it? 

You would think that his career would have ended and people would have actually stopped spending money on him, but NOPE.

Since the assault he has won the Grammy award for best R&B album, put out three more albums, such as “Heartbreak on a Full Moon,” toured around the world, appeared on “Black-ish” and has even gotten a movie deal.

Seems like he really faced the punishment he deserved.

To make matters worse, Brown was accused of not completing the community service he was issued for the crime… which goes to show how sincere he was about feeling badly for the whole nasty ordeal.

Of course, that’s not the only time we’ve seen his bad side. In 2014, a video surfaced of Brown shoving a woman who tried kissing him during an appearance. Sure, she initiated the contact, but Brown certainly did not have to get physical.

Years later he started dating Karrueche Tran and after a bad breakup she was granted a restraining order against Brown after he allegedly threatened to kill her.

Karrueche stated that he had beaten her during their relationship. In one of her statements, she says that Brown punched her in the stomach and pushed her down the stairs while on probation for beating Rihanna.

It has been said that Brown had threatened her friends before and even threw a drink in one of her friends’ faces. And his obsession with Karrueche has been well-documented since. It seems if Brown can’t have her, he doesn’t want anyone else to, either.

In August 2016, Brown allegedly pulled a gun on former beauty queen, Baylee Curran and threatened to blow her head off. The investigation is ongoing but he was able to pay the bail and continue on with his life.

photo via twitter @_heemQUEEN

If we want this abuser to go away, we have to hit him where it hurts (no more physical violence, please) — his wallet. So, uh, let’s just stop supporting people who don’t support us, okay? Let’s all just go see “Wonder Woman” again instead.

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