Entity's tips for spicing up your fireplace.

When we first walk into a house, our eyes are naturally drawn to areas that have been thoughtfully decorated with light, a pleasant color scheme and assorted knick-knacks.

Maybe the rest of your home is decorated perfectly, but you still don’t know how to tackle your fireplace.

You want your decor to match the look of your home, whether it is rustic, contemporary or mid-century modern. A mantle can be the very thing that sets the standard for the rest of the room. Homedit explains, “Since the fireplace is such an eye-catching element in any home, whatever you choose to place on the fireplace mantel or on the wall in crucial and can change the whole décor.”

Fireplaces are not only visually appealing but also valuable during the cold winter months. Though your fireplace can be practical, that doesn’t mean you can’t style it up. Here are five different way you can decorate your mantle.

1 Layered Look

The key to creating layers on your mantle is to make sure each item varies in height. So don’t place candles in front of a picture frame of the same height; instead, place larger items against the wall and gradually layer candles, photos and paintings.

For a more artsy look, hang a gallery of different sized art pieces on the wall above your mantle. Make sure each frame is a different size, color and texture for a contemporary feel.

2 Light it up

Lights or candles are the perfect addition to any mantle. While a fire roars in the fireplace, soft candlelight flicker around the room.

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You can place two large candles on either side of the mantle to highlight a piece of art of plant in the center. If you want candles to be the focal point of the décor, place a several candles – of a variety of heights, colors, textures and designs – along the length of the

3 Embrace Nature

According to Freshome, “As fireplaces are generally made of heavy and hard-looking materials such as brick or stone, they can weigh down the look of a room if dressed improperly.” In order to break up the heavy lines of a fireplace, add the “soft, fluid lines of plants” to your mantle.

Go the extra mile by placing different kinds of plants on your mantle depending on the season. Orchids or violets add the perfect color and scent for the springtime, while ferns are the perfect statement for a winter mantle. In addition, a few small pumpkins atop your mantle infuse the home with fall vibes. Thanksgiving has never looked so good!

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4 Blast from the past

Embrace your history with a mantle of family photos, heirlooms and travel souvenirs. While the rest of your home may remain minimalist, your fireplace decoration will bring a bit of the past into the room.

Even if the rest of the house has more plain decor, family photos and souvenirs add the perfect personal touch to any room.

5 Sense the Scents

You could also add some scent boosters like potpourri or oil infusers to your mantle. The best way to make the room smell sweet and musky is to place a bowl of  potpourri on your mantle so that the heat from the fire will enable the scent to permeate the room. The same is true for the oil infuser. It’s a great way to pair an earthy scent to go along with the smokey scent of firewood.

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With these tips, you’ll have your fireplace lookin’ hot any time of the year.

Edited by Johanie Cools

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