ENTITY examines the best dressed females on the red carpet.

In the last few days, the nominations for the Golden Globes (January 8, 2017) and the Screen Actors Guild Awards (January 29, 2017) were announced and we saw the annual Critic’s Choice Awards last weekend. So when it comes to the fashion smackdown, which female nominees will take home best dressed even before the Oscars happen in late February?

It’s notable in the fashion world that actresses tend to dress more cutting edge and flamboyantly at the Globes and SAGS because they start off a new year. But also the Oscars have a tradition of being rather staid in terms of gowns: They are classic, stately, elegant and historical – this is how Hollywood red carpet stylists view an Oscar gown. Those pictures last forever – we know what actresses wore to the very first Oscars and every year since. 

Even the designers of the best eveningwear – Valentino, Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci – tend to design more cutting edge and bright sexy gowns for the earlier shows. The fashion press and business actually takes the Globes and Sags more seriously, knowing the fashion stakes are higher here. Historically, at these shows, actresses will take much more risks. Emma Watson once wore Dior cigarette pants and a tunic on the Globes red carpet. 

The overlapping nominee biggest names in fashion this year for both shows are not only A-list actresses; they’re the ladies designer labels want to dress and will be falling all over themselves trying to send sketches to.

1 Emma Stone: The Young Risk Taker

Emma Stone Who Will Be Best Dressed

Emma Stone is young, fresh and red haired – three incredible advantages when it comes to grabbing the fashion spotlight at awards shows. Plus her stylist, Petra Flannery, is thought to be the best in the biz when it comes to styling the stable of female stars. One year, Stone wore Lanvin cigarette pants with a high-low big-bowed gown over them to the Globes – that was a first.

She also donned a Dior tuxedo gown with a sheer long bottom half. Stone’s also known to go for color (maize yellow Elie Saab at the Oscars, burgundy silk) and at last week’s Critic’s Choice Awards, she wore a triangle topped Roland Mouret cutaway gown. Which means to expect the unexpected!

2 Amy Adams: The Elegant Redhead

Amy Adams at the 'Nocturnal Animals' film premiere, 2016. Photo by Stephen Lovekin/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Amy Adams at the ‘Nocturnal Animals’ film premiere, 2016. Photo by Stephen Lovekin/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Adams and Stone have two things in common: flame red hair and stylist Petra Flannery. Which means that Flannery’s got her work cut out for her this awards season. But that’s where their fashion likeliness ends.

Stone is experimental and shows a cheeky attitude in her choices; Adams always goes for quiet simple chic. Despite playing a sexy con woman in “American Hustle,” in real life, she’s likely to wear a simple solid color and a quiet one at that (white or black or silver) in a flattering mermaid style shape. Kind of sexy but not too crazy. Hair back or up. Essentially, Amy Adams is a classicist.

3 Natalie Portman: The Romantic

Natalie Portman Who Will Be Best Dressed

Natalie Portman is a Dior spokeswoman and often wears the Parisian couture house. But since they are going through a designer change, most of the Dior women – Jennifer Lawrence among them – have been wearing other brands. Portman is also pregnant so all bets are off. She wore a black and red floral encrusted Alexander McQueen cape dress to the Critics Choice last week and while we loved it, many online critics were put off by how busy it is.

Well, she always has gone for strong looks – deep color or stark white, hair up. And with Dior on hold, stylist Kate Young – another A list Hollywood stylist – will be looking for haute couture pregnant-ready gowns with many designers already drawing her some.

4 Nicole Kidman: The Red Carpet Thoroughbred

Nicole Kidman at the 'Lion' film premiere, 2016. Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

Nicole Kidman at the ‘Lion’ film premiere, 2016. Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

Nicole Kidman is the queen of the red carpet. No glamorous actress has traipsed it more and in a great variety of looks – from architectural black to her famed Dior chartreuse Chinoiserie Oscar gown in the ’90s to floral prints for country music awards with her husband Keith Urban. One through line – and she’s another redhead!! – is that she tends to go for close to the body silhouettes and accentuates her long neck and creamy shoulders. One things for sure: Her two January looks will be wildly different!

5 Michelle Williams: The Gamine

Michelle Williams Who Will Be Best Dressed

Petite platinum blond Michelle Williams has been the face of Louis Vuitton for some time and she mostly stays loyal to the chic French brand. While Emma and Amy share a famous stylist, so do Portman and Williams. Williams can go short or long and either goes for embroidered and detailed gowns in black or white or strong colors with very clean shapes. Petite as she is, and white that white blond hair, she can wear things a lot of taller long haired actresses cannot.

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