Erika Jayne QT on Entity

Erika Jayne is part of the sixth season cast of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This quote promotes her strength to pursue her dreams at any age. She wants to prove to women that she can push her limits on “Dancing With the Stars” and still persevere. She proudly displays confidence and possess self-determination to succeed and win the Mirror Ball trophy. This determination is what Entity recognizes as admirable and inspirational to other women. She proves that age really is just a number, and that number should never determine your success! Everyone is capable of success when you work hard and make goals for yourself, you will go far. You will get somewhere, and the journey will be fabulous!

So do what Erika says and keep dreaming big and pushing your limits because you never know where it will take you, heck, maybe to the stars and back! Also, check her out every Monday night on ABC.

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