Entity shares cheap Instagram (Insta) worthy lunches that you can make yourself.

Are you an aspiring #InstagramFoodie on a budget? Do you want to blow away your party guests…without spending hours toiling in the kitchen? Or are you a busy business woman craving an easy, yet delicious packed lunch?

Whatever your motivations for lunching like an Instagram queen, success is only a few simple steps – and ingredients – away. Here are ENTITY’s seven top Insta-worthy recipes that you can make with limited time, money and kitchen experience. #InstagramFoodie fame, here you come!

1 Hummus and Avocado Toast

Are you the kind of woman who’s always running late, no matter how early you set your alarm clock? If so, this is your soulmate…in sandwich form, at least. This recipe combines creamy avocado and hummus with soft whole-grain bread, crunchy tomato slices and a little cayenne pepper for kick.

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Not only can this lunch be made in minutes, but it’s also packed with all of the nutrients – like healthy fats, plant based protein and whole grain carbs – you need to kick butt all day long. And if it happens to get you tons of likes on Instagram? Well, that’s just a tasty bonus.

2 Roasted Potato Cups With Loaded Guacamole

Maybe you love avocado but aren’t so much of a toast fan. Well, if you’ve ever wished that healthy nachos were a thing, this is your lucky day. Instead of the typical “chips and guac,” this blogger carves out baby roasted potatoes and stuffs them with homemade guac.

Another bonus? The guac is actually packed with several veggies – and, considering how good this tastes, you won’t even mind! The corn, tomato and onion add a plenty of crunchy texture while black beans beef up (pun intended) the protein. Whether you’re serving these at an elegant dinner party or just enjoying a cozy night on the couch with Netflix, these loaded potato cups will be kicking off a fiesta in your mouth.

3 Smoky Cajun Styled Black Eyed Peas

Ok, so maybe black eyed peas aren’t in every household, but a short trip to the store to get some is so worth it for this tasty dish. Combining black eyed peas with spices like onion, garlic and smoked paprika upgrade these basic beans to a Louisiana-style masterpiece. While this recipe does take more time than others (with the beans requiring about an hour and a half to cook), this is the perfect meal to prep ahead of time.

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After all, what sounds cozier on a cold, busy week of work than diving into a bowl of hearty beans for lunch? To make this is an even more satisfying meal, add cornbread, rice or quinoa as the base. By lunch time, you’ll have everyone wondering where that delicious, Southern smell is coming from!

4 Dressed-Up Black Beans and Rice

If you’re not one for extravagant dishes – or you’re craving a simpler, homemade version of Chipotle – this is the lunch for you. The recipe combines three simple ingredients: brown rice, black beans and (optionally) some spinach for serving. However, by adding flavorful ingredients like bell peppers, tomato paste and cilantro, this lunch goes from meh to magical.

This is an especially great post-workout lunch. The black beans and rice are high in carbohydrates, which plays the most important role in exercise recovery. However, the beans also offer protein to help you replenish your muscles. If you’ve been forcing down protein shakes after the gym, this rice and beans bowl is a much tastier option!

5 Vegan Taco Salad With Walnut Taco Meat

This taco salad may be the prettiest thing you have ever laid eyes on. After creating this masterpiece you won’t even want to take a bite out of this work of art. But after your first taste, you probably won’t want to stop eating it either!

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This salad is different from any of the low-calorie, low-flavor and low-satisfaction salads you’ve probably eaten before. It features homemade walnut “taco meat” made from walnuts, brown lentils, tomatoes and spices. Combine that with a cashew sour cream and the typical taco salad accompaniments (like nachos, black beans, avocado and salsa), and you’ll have an entirely new appreciation for vegan food.

6 Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Cranberry

If your taste buds are in a festive mood, now is the perfect time to make this cozy dish. The orange sweet potatoes and red cranberries scream Christmas, and this is an easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth without reaching for the M&Ms in your desk drawer.

This is also one of the easiest lunches to make on this list. Simply chop the sweet potatoes, combine them with cinnamon, maple syrup and cranberries, and roast for 40-50 minutes. Cook these the night before for a super easy (and even more delicious) workday lunch.

7 Clean Health Buddha Bowl

Have you ever promised to start eating more “clean”…only the healthy options look bland, time-consuming and just plain gross? If so, this is the Buddha bowl you’ve been searching for. By using quinoa as the base, this lunch is packed with natural, plant-based protein. Add roasted sweet potato, crunchy cucumber, creamy hummus and an optional olive oil dressing to finish off your masterpiece.

The best part? This recipe is 100% customizable. Out of cucumber? Use carrots, roasted zucchini or sautéed squash instead. Don’t like hummus? Reach for avocado, black beans or chickpeas instead. This buddha bowl basically just proves that healthy can be tasty and gorgeous at the same time…and that you can create your own version of a healthy buddha bowl with any of the produce in your pantry!

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Whether you’re main goal is to eat healthier, lose some weight or break your record for the most Instagram likes, these recipes are as flavorful as they are functional. The only problem you’ll probably run into? Deciding what gorgeous photo you should post first!

Edited by Samantha Lima

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