What if BBC Dad was BBC a Mom?

We’ve all seen the super viral #BBCDad video by now — in which Professor Robert E. Kelly was having a very important interview with the BBC on very important political matters only to be interrupted by his adorable children.

The video struck a chord with millions because it obviously reminded us that being a parent is hard, and even in the most professional situations your kids can still f**k things up.  Of course, like any pro Kelly kept his composure (he never even stopped looking at the camera) and patiently waited for his wife to come in like a bat out of hell and scoop the little tykes out of the room — and off national television.

But what if Professor Kelly had been a woman? How would a mom have handled the situation differently? A hilarious new video from New Zealand comedy duo “Jono and Ben” — which racked up over a million views in just one day and became a viral hit of its own — asks that very question.

And let’s just say the answer is: LIKE A BOSS.

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