Ivanka Trump is being sued by an Italian show designer for allegedly copying his designs.

Ivanka Trump says she’s no copycat. Or maybe she is, but legally she says it doesn’t matter. #TrumpLogic

In legal docs filed Wednesday — and obtained by ENTITY — the President’s daughter fired back at Italian shoe designer,  Aquazzura Italia SR, who accused Ivanka of stealing his shoe designs and reproducing them as cheap knockoffs. Ivanka says she did no such thing.

For those who need a refresher on the case, Aquazzura filed a federal lawsuit back in June claiming Trump was guilty of “repeated infringement” and “deceptive trade practices” by knocking off Aquazzura’s “Wild Thing” shoe (a red high heel with fringe on the toes). A design Aquazzura claims is a super famous and has been worn by the likes of Solange and socialite Olivia Palermo.

In the new legal docs, filed on February 15th, Ivanka denies all wrong-doing  — like father like daughter, eh? — and says the lawsuit should be tossed out completely and Aquazzura shouldn’t get a dime.

But then Ivanka decides to pivot her argument  slightly (always have a Plan B folks) and claims Aquazzura doesn’t own a valid or enforceable patent on the designs, so even if her shoes do look nearly identical to Aquazzura’s, it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Which, to be clear, the shoes do look similar. As you can see from the picture below Aquazzura’s “Wild Thing” ($785) bears a striking resemblance to Ivanka’s “Hettie Shoe” ($145).

Ivanka Trump shoe lawsuit

Aquazzura “Wild Thing” shoe versus Ivanka Trump’s “Hettie” shoe.

In fact this is not an isolated incident, it appears Ivanka has an affinity for shoes that resemble Aquazzura’s designs.

Here are two more shoes she claims she didn’t knock off.

Ivanka Trump shoe lawsuit

The case is still pending. But we’d love to know what you think. Did Ivanka copy the shoes? Does it even matter?  Sound off below!

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