Kate Middleton QT on Entity

Entity admires Kate Middleton’s views on mental health. We agree that it’s never wrong to seek out help, especially when it comes to your emotional state. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability because it isn’t a weakness. In fact, you’re showing strength and integrity by trusting your instincts and seeking help when needed.

Kate Middleton and her husband have been long-time advocates of mental health. They’ve spoken about this issue at various charity events helping to eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Recently, the young royals have launched a campaign called Heads Together to promote mental health awareness and to get the conversation started. We applaud William and Kate for using their platform to root on a worthy cause. Mental illness effects so many people, and Entity is proud to feature this quote tile. Nobody should feel ashamed when it comes to getting help and improving their wellness. They should be applauded for doing the right thing and for taking the necessary precautions. After all, that’s what doctors and professionals are for. They save lives and improve the mental well-being of other. And it’s our duty to stand together and offer our own support, comfort and guidance.


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