ENTITY reports on octavia spencer quote about hidden figures

You might already know Octavia Spencer played the role of Dorothy Vaughan in “Hidden Figures.”

But as one of 11 actresses to win a Critic’s Choice Award, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, a Bafta and Oscar all in one year, this role meant a lot more to her than you could have realized.

“The Help” actress has played multiple revolutionary roles making her a leading actor in the industry.

In “Hidden Figures,” Spencer plays a “human computer” and an unofficial NASA supervisor. But, most importantly, her interactions with her direct superior portray the obstacles women in NASA faced while attempting to do their jobs.

Spencer is portraying the real life Vaughan who never received recognition for her important contributions. The role intrigued and enlightened Spencer. So, it was important to Spencer to accurately capture Vaughan’s personal integrity and actions. She realized she would be a figure through which the world would see all of Vaughan’s contributions.

“Dorothy was also very selfless and I think, because of that extreme selflessness, it was hard for her to gain her place as quickly as Katherine and Mary did,” Spencer told Telegraph. “At the same time, she really believed in women and she made sure that every step forward for her was a step forward for all of them. It’s so wonderful to get to play a strong woman, but… these women are also allowed to have their vulnerabilities.”

This film portrayed the significance of diversity in attaining the impossible. Spencer didn’t let this historical importance of the film go over her head.

“There is cognitive dissonance when I think of African-American women at that time and their contributions at that time. There is no precedent for this movie,” Spencer said. “Just as with ‘The Help,’ it has not been done.”

Spencer told Telegraph this is a movie about sisterhood. This film shows young women they can truly break any glass ceiling.

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