ProPublica Sean Spicer Beef

Turns out when White House press secretary Sean Spicer hates you, the rest of the world loves you. Something we like to call the “Sean Spicer effect”.

Indeed, following Spicer’s recent beef with ProPublica the news organization gained over 90,000 Twitter followers in less than 48 hours (a 17% increase), according to emails from ProPublica obtained by ENTITY.

Here’s how it happened.

On Monday ProPublica reported that a clause in  Donald Trump’s trust document had been quietly changed to allow the President to withdraw money from his businesses whenever he wants, without telling anyone. An important revelation considering when Trump took office he allegedly distanced himself from his businesses by putting them in a trust.

When Spicer was asked about the report during a press conference Monday, he denied it. He then cried fake news : “I’m not aware there was any change (to the trust). Just because a left-wing blog makes the point of something changing doesn’t mean it actually happened.”

ProPublica, a highly respected news organization which specializes in investigative journalism (not a “left wing blog”), didn’t exactly like Spicer insinuating their report was false. So they decided to destroy Spicer via Twitter. And by destroy we mean annihilate with a string of fact-based Tweets, since “facts” are like Kryptonite to the press secretary.

And it just kept going …

Not only did the clap-back garner intense media attention — a collective “woo!” let out across newsrooms —  it once again made Spicer look like an idiot whose only defense is to cry fake news any time the Trump administration doesn’t like a story.  Even in a case like this in which the Trump Organization attorney Alan Garten CONFIRMED the story. 


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