Quinta B

She’s The Girl In All Of Us

Quinta Brunson a.k.a. Quinta B., became a pioneer in the digital space four years ago when she uploaded her explosive hit “The Girl Who’s Never Been On a Nice Date” to her Instagram account. Using her dry wit and impassive delivery, she creates engaging, side-splitting content everyone can enjoy.  Now with over one million followers on Facebook and almost 900,000 on Instagram, the “He Got Moneyyyyyyy” starlet is sharing her all too relatable hilarity on larger platforms without forgetting where it all started.

Where it all Started

Quinta B. hails from the city of Brotherly Love, otherwise known as Philly, Pennsylvania. She was attending school at Temple University when she became inspired by comedy shows like “The Office” and ‘Saturday Night Live.”  In awe of the performances and witty writing, Quinta researched everyone on those shows.  She eventually discovered The Second City, a comedy club and improvisation school in Chicago. Falling in love with the stage and the creative freedom it gave her, Quinta decided to take a semester off, save up money and move to L.A. for three months to see if she could make it.

While in L.A. Quinta was able to get jobs as a styling assistant for Elle, production assistant for a music video and as an assistant for the hit comedy show “Key & Peele.” She decided to move out to L.A. for good and continue taking improv classes and perform stand-up comedy whenever she could. As a joke with a friend, Quinta recorded a video of her trying to make her butt “clap” like girls with big butts usually do. She came up with the idea after feeling awkward for not fitting the stereotype of being a black girl with a big butt. The soon-to-be viral starlet’s friend convinced her to post the video on her Instagram and Tumblr…..the rest is history!


Where She is Now

Quinta started putting her content on Youtube so she could make longer videos. She saw success very soon, making money from her viral series “The Girl Who’s Never Been On a Nice Date.” Quinta was able to start selling t-shirts with her catchphrases on them. Never having had so much money before, she began spending like crazy going on luxurious shopping sprees and buying dinner for friends and family. Just when she was barely holding on, a friend she did stand-up with invited her to do a taste test video at Buzzfeed. Quinta loved the creative atmosphere of Buzzfeed so much that she took part in their residency; a paid program where you can come in as a creator from the outside to see if the company suits you.

Quinta B. signed a deal with BuzzFeed Motion Pictures to become the youngest showrunner and one of the youngest video content creators of the media company. She is in charge of more than five billion monthly views. Brunson’s short viral videos have raked in more than 138 million views on BuzzFeed. If that isn’t enough she also made a production development deal allowing her to create original scripted series and specials. Her first series, Broke,  a comedy about three twenty-somethings figuring out life, friendship and money issues, sold to YouTube Red.  Another series, Adopted, sold to Verizon’s go90 service. Most recently she began a Facebook series entitled Quinta vs Everything. In it, she goes up against her own hair, a makeup tutorial and taking a selfie in a metaphorical head-to-head combat with vanity.

What We Can Expect in the Future

The 28-year-old who turned going viral into a skill set announced her departure from Buzzfeed earlier this year. She is going to pursue traditional projects. It won’t be long before we see this rising star on the big screen.  She is currently filming a pilot for the CW’s new comedic drama The End of the World as We Know It in Vancouver.

She is also coming out with a book titled She Memes Well, as well as producing season two of her Facebook series Quinta vs Everything. On top of this, she is developing a movie and working on a project with the comedian Larry Wilmore. There’s even talk of her working with fellow media mogul Issa Rae in the future!

Even with all she’s doing, Quinta is determined to remain loyal to the internet. Thank you Quinta B. for being so relatable! You see the humor in the imperfection that is in all of us! Your future is bright and we can’t wait to see what you bring out next!

Edited by Chloe Lew

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