Entity shares the real reason "The Bachelor" Villains Corinne and Olivia Met Up

Call us skeptical, but when the two most memorable recent villains from “The Bachelor” met up, it totally seemed like a staged publicity stunt.

Especially as notorious Olivia Caridi was quick to reveal all the juicy info from her  supposedly “random” lunch meeting  with this season’s bad girl, Corinne Olympios, to People magazine.

Dishing details to the media doesn’t come off as a genuine attempt to meet a new friend. Or maybe it is, and that’s just what reality TV stars do!

Most bad girls from “The Bachelor” have a tendency to stay in the limelight even after the cameras stop rolling.  Olivia seems to be using current contestant Corinne to extend her 15 minutes of fame just as others who had a taste of fame thanks to the show have tried to remain relevant in pop culture. 

ENTITY examines what some previous contestants you loved to hate are up to now.

1 Olivia Caridi (season 20)

Caridi has since put her villainous image behind her, working as a producer and a host for the entertainment website, distractify.com.

You might remember her as the girl who quit her job as a news anchor to date Ben Higgins on season 20 of “The Bachelor,” and then went on to complain that it was hard relating with the other girls because she wanted to “talk smart things.”

2 Michelle Money (Season 15)

After Brad Womack said goodbye to Michelle in Anguilla, she went on to have more fun in the sun on “Bachelor in Paradise” where she met her soon-to-be-ex Cody Sattler. The two reality stars appeared on season 7 of WE tv’s “Marriage Boot Camp.”

The former Bachelor contestant now dates professional Canadian golfer, Mike Weirs, and seems busy promoting her 14-day “Money Method” beauty workshop for women to master their money look, which begins this this February.

3 Courtney Robertson (Season 16)

Surprise! Surprise! This contestant wooed Ben Flajnik’s heart on screen, but she showed viewers an alternate side to her personality when Ben was out of sight.

The former model now makes a living selling Los Angeles real estate, and told US that being recognized from TV helps her sell houses. She’s made use of her reality TV fame by blogging about her experiences and even writing up her own memoir, “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends.”

Who knew that this reality star known for that scandalous skinny-dipping scene in Puerto Rico would turn out to be a New York Times bestselling author?

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4 Tierra Licausi (season 17)

Tierra Licausi had trouble making friends with the women on Sean Lowe’s season of “The Bachelor. ” But her story has a bit of a twist.

The episode when Sean kicked her off  the show aired the same day she got back together with a former flame, her brother told People back in 2013. And Tierra showed up at the Women’s Tell-All wearing a large shiny rock on her marriage finger. Ironically, the engagement was called off months later, reported US

Although little is posted about her current romantic status, she continues to remain active on social media, tweeting advice about what it means to be wife material.

5 Kelsey Poe (Season 19)

Kelsey Poe on season 19 of

Robertson isn’t the only villain with writing chops. Kelsey Poe from Chris Soules’ season wrote an essay that was part of a book about the experience of losing a spouse, called “Unfinished Business.”

However, her success after the rose hasn’t come as easily for Kelsey. She sought revenge on ABC, threatening to sue them for “emotional damage” that she believes the show caused, RadarOnline.com reported shortly after her season aired in March of 2015.

The show highlighted all her dramatic moments from being taken away in an ambulance after suffering a panic attack, or so we’re told…

She was also know for demonstrating duplicitous behavior, pouting and complaining during a campfire group date, then flipping a switch and faring just fine in front of Chris.

Now you can find inspirational quotes and grief advice columns filling up the pages of her blog, where the writer, widow, and counselor claims to be  and “one of those new-age apron wearing feminists.”

All of the female villains on “The Bachelor” have used their fame to leverage their careers in some way, shape or form. It will certainly be interesting to see how Corrinne uses her fame once she receives her final rose.

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