Why Entity loves the Ronda Rousey naked photo in Sports Illustrated

It’s been pretty easy to see Ronda Rousey naked lately.

In regards to her photoshoot with ESPN’s The Magazine, Ronda Rousey said, “Skinny girls look good in clothes. But fit chicks look good naked.” Once again, Rousey proves why she’s a true champion. Prior to her nude foray into the modeling world, the UFC champion has long supported body positivity. On her road to fame, Rousey has said time and again how she wants women to accept and love their bodies, naked or clothed. Honestly, could Ronda Rousey do anything to make us love her even more?

Rousey’s Magazine photoshoot wasn’t the last time she flaunted her toned figure either. The fighter, actress, model extraordonaire has also done a nude photoshoot for the cover of Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit Edition.

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