Illinois students protest with walkout after a teacher is fired for being “too vocal” about racism, Entity reports.

Students at an Illinois high school staged a walkout as they left class in protest of a teacher’s recent firing.

Social Studies teacher Ms. Jill Musil had been let go after the school said she had failed to “demonstrate professionalism.” However, students and parents alike have said the issue was actually with Musil being outspoken on racial issues, after finding offensive graffiti on a bathroom wall during the presidential election.

And following Ms. Musil’s “vocal” lead, they came together to protest the school letting her go. Students, such as Erin Parcell, believe that Musil’s firing makes them feel like “this school doesn’t care.”

“We think it’s unjust. Ms. Musil has been raising this issue about the administration being vocal about this, addressing issues that we should be inclusive, and everyone’s welcome…” parent Laura Garza told CBS Chicago. Musil has defended herself, saying this was all because of a fellow administrator’s dissenting opinion.

In support of Ms. Musil, hundreds of Riverside Brookfield High School students staged a sit-in for three hours, protesting the dismissal. They held signs with her face on them, reading, “Let her teach” as they chanted the message as well.

Another student held up a piece of paper bearing the feminist slogan“Nevertheless, she persisted,” which was inspired by Mitch McConnell’s testimony after he silenced Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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It seems a lot of students have felt more inspired to speak their mind since the election, with schools in North Carolina famously staging walkouts surrounding President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Unfortunately, the school has refused to change their mind about the dismissal, but Ms. Musil did feel encouraged by her students’ support. She told CBS Chicago, “I didn’t encourage them to do that… but hearing and seeing some videos of it, it really moved me.”

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