Tough little girl pries alligator off her own leg after shocking attack in Florida, Entity reports.

A 10-year-old girl saved herself from a shocking alligator attack in Orlando, Florida.

The eight-foot-nine-inch alligator clamped down on the little girl’s left knee while she was swimming in what was supposed to be the designated, safe section of Lake Mary Jane.

But the badass kid just pried open the gator’s mouth and yanked her own leg out, resulting in several puncture wounds instead of what could presumably have been a lot worse. Meanwhile, I bang my knee on the edge of a table and rock back and forth for five minutes and then have a bruise for a week and a half, but this isn’t a story about me.

She had been joined by four other members of her party when the incident occurred this past weekend, all of whom were standing on the shore when her act of bravery occurred. Can you imagine?

The lake was closed yesterday, surrounded by yellow tape. And the alligator was caught and removed by a trapper, according to ABC News. Scary thing is, this all could have been a lot worse. The alligator that attacked the little girl was over eight feet, but the Florida Wildlife Commission website says some gators in the region can grow well over 14 feet long and weigh over 1,000 pounds. Freaking Florida, man.

I know Orlando has Walt Disney World and the better Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but I’ll just stay in Los Angeles where it’s mostly nice all the time and we just have to worry about earthquakes (which I always forget about since I grew up in Pennsylvania and will just continue to pretend don’t exist.)

But cheers to you, little girl. I will totally watch your inevitable Lifetime movie.

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