Upcoming video games with female protagonists Uncharted Lost Legacy

Once a year the Gaming Gods give us the gift of E3 (a.k.a the Electronic Entertainment Expo), where they show off their upcoming projects. To honor them, Entity compiled a list of 7 upcoming video games with female protagonists, because yes women play video games too.   And let me tell you, these ladies are awesome.

1 “Unchartered: The Lost Legacy”

This game was originally just meant to be an expansion pack. Thankfully, Naughty Dog realized that they had more than enough story for a feature game and “The Lost Legacy” was born. It centers on two characters that we’ve met before in the “Uncharted” Franchise, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross. They’re on the quest for the tusk of Ganesh and it seems that one of them may have ulterior motives for the journey. This trailer is packed with all the action we’ve come to expect from the “Uncharted” series. Y’know, Naughty Dog just gets me. Love you guys.

2 “Hellblade”

This is definitely an interesting one. After Vikings attack Senua’s village, the Celtic warrior must fight through manifestations of mental illness that she experiences from her trauma. Ninja Theory even brought in a psychiatrist to consult with them. I’m really hoping that they handle the subject well. From gameplay previews and trailers it seems as though Senua will be fighting a lot of her demons … literally.

3 “Star Wars Battlefront 2”

Rey. That’s all I really need to say right? No. I’ll throw in a few more. Darth Maul. Kylo Ren. And an exciting look at the dark side from the perspective of people working on the inside. Iden Versio is our woman for the Empire, leading the awesomely named Inferno Squadron into battle. Maybe it’ll convince us that the Rebels are actually the bad guys once and for all.

4 “Dishonored: Death of The Outsider”

Not having played “Dishonored” before, I was skeptical of the lithe figure dipping in and out of the shadows being able to take on those huge dudes. But when Billie Lurk teleported from the room into the hall and took care of the last guy in her way, I was sold. A trained assassin, she has a badass red eye. She going to kill this Outsider man and while I hear he’s a bad dude, I think Billie can take him.


5 “Life Is Strange: Before the Storm”

Set as a prequel to the “Life Is Strange” game, “Before the Storm” features Chloe, the girl whose life is in your hands when you play as Maxine in the first game. Chloe and Maxine battled various evils together in “Life Is Strange” including murder, sexual assault, a storm threatening to destroy their hometown and time travel. Their friend Rachel, missing in the first game , makes an appearance as well. What sets these games apart for me is the artistry and poeticism. Developers Square Enix also always know how to pick a soundtrack. A sequel to “Life Is Strange” is also reportedly in development.


6 “Hidden Agenda”

From the creators of the smash-hit horror game, “Until Dawn,” “Hidden Agenda” is a crime drama centered on a group of people trying to catch serial killer, The Trapper, in  the act. The awesome thing about this one is that it will incorporate man’s best friend, the cell phone. The game features several female playable characters including Homicide Detective Becky Marni and District Attorney Felicity Graves.


7 “The Last of Us 2”

I know it didn’t show at E3 this year but I couldn’t not include this game. No one knows whether or not Joel, hero of “The Last of Us,” is alive or not but I think I’m at peace either way. Ellie showed us should could handle herself if she needed at the end of the original game. The trailer, which premiered at the Playstation Experience 2016, doesn’t reveal much about the story but there are a veritable ton of theories.

Naughty Dog helmer Neil Druckmann referred to “The Last of Us 2” as “Joel and Ellie’s adventure”  when he was explaining why in the WORLD it wasn’t at E3 2017. (It was so their other title “Uncharted:The Lost Legacy” had its time to shine. See Number One on our list.) This is the game that will make me sell my eggs to buy a PS4. Until then, I’ll just keep playing through Red Dead Redemption.

I know I’m excited to watch other people play these games on YouTube and Twitch. I hope you all are too!

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