Any man or women who goes to a strip club while they are in a relationship is not cheating on their partner,  according to the women of “The View.”

That was their conclusion after debating the hot topic during a lively discussion on Monday’s show during which they shared memories of their own visits to strip shows.

Joy Behar said she was once taken to Chippendales show and recalled of the all male revue,  “I had to put a dollar in a banana hammock! I did that.”

She added, “I don’t think it’s any big deal to be in a strip club… it’s kind of funny.”

And the audience overwhelmingly agreed, shouting “No!” in unison when co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked if it should be considered cheating.

Co-host Sunny Hostin added that she and her husband were once invited by friends to go to a strip club as kind of a date night. “I’m uncomfortable with women being degraded that way,” she admitted. However, she saw the allure for it as a date, adding, “Maybe it’s kind of spicy? I don’t see it as cheating. It’s almost like a fantasy, isn’t it?”

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 Sara Haines said she had visited a  strip club as part of a large group and said, “It was gross.”  But she admitted, “I felt more confident when I left.”

Another co-host Jedidiah Bila said that visits such as to male revues like Chippendales are a bit more “innocent,” and that from her experience with men in the financial district, she knows that sometimes “there’s contact made. A lot of inappropriate, dark stuff goes on.”

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Bila continued that while she wouldn’t consider it cheating for a partner to visit a strip club, it might make her question her relationship. “Maybe this guy isn’t the guy for me if that’s what he’s gonna do in his spare time,” she mused.

Goldberg shared that she has friends who work in the strip industry, noting that“some of them are raising kids and they’re doing the best that they can.” She “doesn’t mind a strip club,” and does not believe simply going to one constitutes cheating.

In the end the co-hosts reasoned that if a woman is questioning ending the relationship after a strip club visit, that perhaps that wasn’t her only inspiration for doing so. They decided it was not a deal-breaker and thought that there must be “something else going on.”

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