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Lauren Bushnell (or Lauren B. as true fans like to call her) won the 20th season of “The Bachelor”, but since her stint on the show, she’s turned her 15 minutes of fame into cold, hard, cash and gained some haters along the way. Here is what Lauren B is up to now:

1. She’s an influencer

Lauren’s TV career may have come to a stop after she broke up with “Bachelor” Ben Higgins (and their reality show went buh-bye), but her Instagram career is doing just fine. Bushnell has over 1.2M followers and no shortage of sponsorship deals. She’s partnered with Fab, Fit, Fun, Hudson Jeans, Revolve,, Lull mattresses, and a Chicago hotel. Cha-ching.

2. She started a Rosé Company with her new boyfriend

After breaking up with Ben Higgins, Bushnell started dating Devin Antin, a Los Angeles based real-estate investor she knew before going on “The Bachelor”. The two decided to create a rosé company called Dear Rosé after realizing women really love rosé (#groundbreaking). The wine, which is bottled in France,  was available for about a year until the duo did an official launch in 2018, which Bushnell announced on what else? Instagram.

3. She designed a line of swimwear

Expanding her horizons, even more, Bushnell co-designed a swimwear line with Vitamin A called The Lauren B + Vitamin A capsule collection. According to Vitamin A’s website, the “collaboration reflects [Bushnell’s] desire to make women feel confident and empowered.”

Even better? A portion of the proceeds go to Girls Inc, a non-profit helping to empower young girls to be tomorrow’s changemakers.

Lauren Bushnell x Vitamin A capsule collection.

4. She’s gained more than a couple haters along the way

Bushnell’s Instagram is a perfectly curated collection of pool days and rosé, but that doesn’t mean everyone loves her all the time. The comments section of her IG has turned into an all-out battlefield of people who LOVE her vs people who DON’T. And the main topic of conversation? Her skinny physique.

Yes, hundreds of people take to every single one of her posts to argue about how skinny she is now (and how skinny she used to be) and whether or not she should see a doctor. It’s gotten so bad Bushnell has had to come out and defend herself on numerous occasions saying, “This is how God made me, bye”.

Lauren bushnell Instagram comments

5. She’s ready to settle down

In a recent interview, Bushnell opened up about her relationship with Antin (who she met on Tinder a year before going on “The Bachelor”) and said she’s ready to put down some roots and stay off reality TV.

“Honestly, I’m just so ready to settle down. Whether that’s in L.A., I don’t know,” she told Access Hollywood. “There are so many things that are up in the air. But I want to have a family, I want to settle down and I want to hang out with my friends and family. I’m happy where I’m at and happy not being on reality television!”


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