ENTITY Mag shares 5 steps to get to a healthier you

Fitness is key to living a healthy, long life. With the prevalence of obesity in the US, there are endless tips on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. According to the CDC, men (54 percent) are more likely than women (46 percent) to engage in physical activity. In addition, 38.5 percent of women over 20 are obese, and 48.1 percent of women over 18 are physically active.

1 Eat Breakfast

You should never miss the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast helps kickstart your metabolism. According to WebMD, breakfast assists in replenishing your blood sugar, which tends to be low when you wake up. Eating foods such as fruits, grains and protein in the morning gives your body the nutrients it needs. People who tend to skip breakfast are most likely tempted to eat more foods that are high in fats and sugars because they are hungrier during lunchtime.

2 Rest

Shape Magazine suggests that seven to nine hours of sleep is essential to becoming healthier. It can also aid in shedding unwanted pounds. Adequate sleep keeps you from consuming unnecessary calories to keep you awake at night. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, adequate rest aids in protecting your mental and physical health, quality of life and safety. Lack of sleep causes a higher risk of obesity. Getting enough sleep also helps your brain prepare for the next day and function properly.

3 Strength Training

Adding strength training to your workout routine is beneficial in many ways. It is time to let go of the myth that weights will cause you to bulk up. Incorporating weights into your workout will result in the toning-up your physique and burning fat. According to Harvard Health, strength training results in strong bones and injury prevention. Fitness Magazine explaines that weight training helps burn fat and slim down quickly. It’s time to put those weights to work. You can incorporate strength training a couple days a week and do cardio the other days in the week, with breaks in between.

4 A Fire Playlist

There’s nothing better than jamming out while working out. If a workout becomes too intense, the right kind of music will motivate you to power through it. The best way to power through a plank is with a good song that lasts the length of time you hold the plank. There is also a pre-game playlist you can create to hype you to sweat it out. Getting through a tough workout with the best playlist will get you closer to a healthier you.

5 A Workout Buddy

Working out with a friend makes exercising less miserable. A fitness buddy also keeps you accountable in staying consistent. Bringing your friend to the gym who is just as motivated will only double the reps, time and overall work that you put in. Shape Magazine mentioned a British survey of 1,000 women, which found that those who worked out with others burned 41 more calories and worked out 6 minutes longer compared to those who went solo.

ENTITY Mag shares 5 steps to get to a healthier you

With these simple steps, you will become a healthier person in no time. However, these few steps require a lot of determination and consistency to get to that goal. With the perfect partner, music and food, you will be a happier and healthier person.

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