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Yes, Ayesha Alexander is the wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry. But beyond the ring and the cute hubby, she is so much more.

She is a loving mother, an author and she has her own TV show. She’s also not afraid to get her hands dirty doing work for charitable causes.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Ayesha Alexander.

1 She promotes female empowerment.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Alexander posted this video on YouTube in 2016. The entire thing screams feminism. Of course, we here at ENTITY loved it.

She believes that, as women, we are all in this together. When describing feminism, Ayesha Alexander said, “It’s lifting each other up and encouraging each other as women. That’s girl power.”

She went on to say that women hold the key to their own success and can achieve anything they set out to do. Her advice to young girls is, “Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t. If you have the will and you think you can then you most certainly can.”

Basically, if women fearlessly pursue their passions, then there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. Can we get an amen?

2 Her first love was acting.

Entity talks Ayesha Alexander

Photo via Instagram @ayeshacurry

When she was 12 years old, Alexander played the love interest in Sugarcoated Prince’s (aka Sevyn Thomas’) music video for “Too Young For Love.” As an actress, she is mostly known for her roles in the films “Dan’s Detour of Life”, “Love for Sale” and “Underground Street Flippers.” She also played small roles on TV shows such as Hannah Montana and Good Luck Charlie.

Ayesha Alexander has recently returned to television, but this time she has her own cooking show. The show “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen” debuted on the Food Network in 2016 and the second season is set to air in 2017. She has also periodically starred on the “Rachel Ray Show” as a guest since 2015. She may have retired from acting, but the camera sure does love her!

Entity discusses Ayesha Alexander

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Alexander did not even consider channeling her culinary skills into a career until she had a family. Steph Curry suggested that she should start blogging, so she started the Youtube channel Little Lights of Mine. There you can find cooking tutorials, parenting advice and adorable challenge videos with her husband.

3 Cooking is her greatest passion.

Entity discusses Ayesha Alexander

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Cooking has been a part of Ayesha Alexander’s life since childhood. Some of her best childhood memories were in the kitchen cooking with her mom and grandmother. Alexander told Cuyana, “It inspires me to bring my girls into the kitchen to make memories of our own.” For Ayesha Alexander, meal time is less about food and more about family.

People Magazine reported that this fall she will launch her own cookware line with the Meyer Corporation that will be available at Target. Did we mention she’s a New York Times best-selling author, too? Yup, that’s her recipe book “The Seasoned Life” at the JFK Airport in New York City.

Entity speaks Ayesha Alexander

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Alexander recently launched the healthy meal-kit company, Homemade, to make meal prep simple for busy moms. She told Cuyana, “Helping to make it easier for families to get back around the table and spend time together is at the center of everything I do professionally.”

Ayesha Alexander is taking her cooking skills to the next level. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in 2017 she will be opening a restaurant International Smoke in San Francisco’s Millenium Tower. She will not only be managing the restaurant but also working in the kitchen to whip up a healthy barbecue cuisine.

4 She is committed to her family.

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Ayesha Alexander shared in her blog that her daughters are her number one priority. She decided to work from home so she wouldn’t miss a minute with them. However, she has been open about the fact that it is inevitable to make mistakes as a parent.

She is known in some circles as “the sports world’s Virgin Mary,” but Ayesha Alexander admits she is far from the perfect mom.

She told USA Today, “There’s no need to get stuck in a cycle of trying to be seen as the most perfect mom and feeling awful if you can’t live up to that unreasonable expectation.”

Entity discusses Ayesha Alexander

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Ayesha shows us that being a stay at home mom and career woman aren’t mutually exclusive. Alexander told Cuyana that when she has working mommy guilt, showing her kids that with enough hard work and perseverance, they are capable of anything. Balancing motherhood and a business is no small task. However, Ayesha Alexander does it beautifully.

5 She’s a philanthropist.

Ayesha Alexander doesn’t just whip up fancy meals and sell cookbooks. She is channeling her passion for cooking and nutrition to help feed low-income communities in California.

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Ayesha Alexander works with the non-profit No Kid Hungry. This charity funds Los Angeles-based food sharing programs for children in need. She told The Daily Beast, “Putting good foods into kids’ bodies puts me at peace and makes me really happy.” She also cooked at the Imagination Bus Project charity dinner in 2016 which benefitted youth impacted by the criminal justice system.

Providing children with nutritious meals is part of her personal mission. She donates 10 percent of the profits from her brand of extra virgin olive oil to the cause. On top of it all, she is a sponsor for the Glad to Give project, which helps more than 16 million children in the U.S. struggling with hunger on a daily basis. She credits her Christian faith as being her drive to help those in need.

Ayesha Alexander is more than a wife. Her lighthearted and kind nature shines through everything she does. She is an entrepreneur, a mom and lovable woman.

How does that saying go? Behind every great man, there is a great woman? No. Let’s try that again. Beside every great man, there is a great woman.

That’s better.

Entity discusses Ayesha Alexander

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