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If the 2018 fashion weeks of the world indicated one trend was on the rise, it was sustainability. Some of the biggest names in fashion made the shift to fur-free this season, including Gucci, Armani, Tom Ford and Stella McCartney. All made a point to feature cruelty-free runways this year.

Other brands are quickly falling in line, realizing the future of fashion is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. What we now think of as vegan fashion, we will soon just call fashion.

Despite some brands playing catch up,  others have been vegan for ages. These labels have nailed down the production of vegan goods and do so with ethical work practices, much to the chagrin of fast fashion companies that are worse for our environment.

1 Faustine Steinmetz

Entity Shares 5 Up and Coming Vegan Brands

Photo Via Instagram / @faustonesteinmetz

This designer has already been written up by the biggest names in fashion media, including Elle and Vogue,

The brand’s aesthetic plays on classic haute couture silhouettes by literally shredding them and putting them back together. Steinmetz specializes in denim, but don’t expect to find a good pair of basic jeans in her collection. The denim work that this brand does is totally innovative and original, as you can see from the photo above.

As a French designer, Steinmetz plays on classic French brands. For example, she took a Hermes stable silk scarf and turned it into a knee length skirt.

Steinmetz admitted to Vogue back in 2016 that fashion can never be fully sustainable (the best way to do that would be to not consume fashion at all), but she seeks to use recycled denim and encourage customers to spend money on one piece of her clothing instead of three others that might be similar.

2 Jakke

ENTITY Shares 5 Vegan Designers

Photo Via Instagram / @jakkeldn

This vegan fashion label (pronounced like Jackie) is perfect for fur addicts. The London-based label has mastered the art of faux fur, creating clothing in unconventional shapes and colors. It’s perfect for anybody looking for a statement piece.

The brand has tons of other styles and looks to choose from. They even have a banana-printed coat in the style of Andy Warhol. However, if a classic fur look is more your thing, Jakke is perfect for you as well.

The coats retail around $200, making them not only a great option ethically, but financially as well.

3 Ministry of Tomorrow

ENTITY Mag Shares 5 Vegan Brands

Photo Via Instagram / @ministryoftomorrow

This vegan leather brand is getting nothing but positive press. Its pieces put a twist on the classic leather bag with traditional silhouettes and unique accents that are perfect for men and women.

The bags also include silk-screened interiors and a gold insignia representing the third eye.

Best of all, each bag makes a big impact on social change. The production is based out of Nairobi and employs formerly unemployed Kenyans. This brand is expanding fast and is committed to providing fair wage jobs in impoverished areas.

This label has also created its own magazine. MOT Mag is an alternative press publication that specializes in underground culture and starting conversations about sustainability.

4 Cult Gaia

ENTITY Mag Shares 5 Vegan Brands

Photo Via Instagram / @cultgaia

Cult Gaia specializes in woven and acrylic bags, which are currently on trend and are, thankfully, affordable. The brand also has unique jewelry, shoes and clothing that all plays with traditional shapes and proportions, creating fun and different pieces. Cult Gai’s look is effortless, feminine and natural.

The brand hopes to create beautiful pieces that can be used and passed down, cutting down on consumption across generations. It also makes a lot of clothes from deadstock fabric or pieces that go unused at production facilities. This all will hopefully cut down on waste.

“The hardest choice when moving into ready-to-wear is the impending waste that manufacturing clothing creates,” designer Jasmin Larian said. “I didn’t want to create that kind of footprint, and also didn’t want to see a ton of the same style in the same color.”

5 Marais USA

ENTITY Shares 5 vegan Brands to Watch

Photo Via Instagram / @maraisusa

This sustainable show designer makes basics that stand out. The colorful collection of summer sandals and fall booties are elegantly simple and ethically made.

With a variety of pastel strappy sandals, this brand has managed to create the “it” shoe for spring and summer. The designs are made locally in Los Angeles in small batches. According to Vogue, while they do sell shoes in leather, they often faux leather and other vegan options.

You shouldn’t have to throw out goals of sustainability if you enjoy fashion.  There are so many more brands that we haven’t listed here that specialize in cruelty-free clothing and work to cut down on consumption and the movement is just getting started.

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