ENTITY shares the best Lush products.

Finding the best LUSH products can be a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget. And there are really only a few actually worth the price.

Instead of spending an absurd amount of money to find the right one, we have compiled a list of the nine best LUSH products to help you narrow it done. We’ve even included pros and cons based on reviews.

1. Angels On Bare Skin – Facial Cleanser

ENTITY's best lush products, Angels on Bare Skin

Photo via lush.com

Price: $16.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Gentle, smells great, balances skin, improves skin texture

Cons: Messy, doesn’t remove makeup, has a bad smell

Angels On Bare Skin is the holy grail of LUSH products.

I’ve tried many of their facial cleansers, and this is the only one that didn’t completely dry my skin out. The main ingredient in the product is almonds, so it gently exfoliates and doesn’t strip away any of your skin’s natural oils.

2. D’Fluff – Shaving Soap

ENTITY shares best lush products D'Fluff

Photo via lush.com

Price: $12.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Moisturizing, smells great, close shave

Cons: Pricey, doesn’t last long, smells too strong

D’Fluff is a staple for any LUSH aficionado.

While most shaving soaps are full of harsh chemicals that damage your skin, D’Fluff contains natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and coconut oil that protect your skin from the razor while keeping it moisturized.

3. Honey I Washed My Hair – Shampoo

ENTITY shares best lush products honey

Photo via lush.com

Price: $10.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Smells great, lathers well, easy to use

Cons: Drying, smell doesn’t last

This stuff is seriously a godsend.

For only $10.95, you get at 80 to 100 uses and a head full of healthy, glowing hair.

I highly recommend buying a tin for it as well. Just make sure not to put it in the tin when it’s wet—it will get stuck.

4. Happy Hippy – Shower Gel

ENTITY's best lush products, Happy Hippy

Photo via lush.com

Price: $10.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Lathers well, smells good

Cons: None

If you ever feel down, the citrus scents in Happy Hippy are sure to bring you back up again. It’s packed full of grapefruit, which is known for its refreshing qualities.

My advice? Use it in the morning to start your day off on a happy note.

5. Veganese – Conditioner

ENTITY's best lush products, Veganese

Photo via lush.com

Price: $9.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Great smell, gentle, adds shine

Cons: Too light, smells bad, leaves residue

Most conditioners use harsh alcohols to prevent over-moisturizing.

LUSH’s Veganese is unique because they use lemon oil instead of alcohol. The oil naturally balances out the moisturizing properties of the conditioner. And although some reviewers remark that it leaves a residue, I have never had this problem. A thorough rinse will do the trick.

6. Roots – Hair Mask

ENTITY's best lush products, Roots

Photo via lush.com

Price: $22.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Great smell, improves hair health, adds shine

Cons: Leaves residue, greasy, too light

If you’ve ever damaged your hair from blow-drying or straightening too much, you know that regular conditioner won’t do much to fix it.

Luckily for us, LUSH has concocted the perfect formula for those tough situations. Just lather up your hair, leave it in for 10 minutes and let the magic begin.

It even works to moisturize dry scalps and prevent dandruff, too.

7. Brightside – Bubble Bar

ENTITY shares best lush products brightside

Photo via lush.com

Price: $12.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Lots of bubbles, smells great, good value

Cons: Pricey, seasonal, bubbles don’t last

Although I am a die-hard LUSH fan, I have to admit their bath bombs are absurdly expensive.

I used to have a friend who worked there, and he gave me a couple for free every now and then, so I never worried about the price. I got to know how most of them work and how many you need for a decent bath.

And let me tell you, one bath bomb it not enough most of the time.

You need at least two of the small ones or one of the big ones to get the beautiful colors you see when employees sample them in-store. The tiny tub they throw the bombs in is not a good representation of your bath at home.

For only $12.95, Brightside gives you three vividly orange baths for the price of one bath bomb.

Although you have to crumble it under running water, it’s definitely the most cost-efficient way to enjoy a LUSH certified bath.

8. Dirty – Styling Gel

ENTITY's best lush products, Dirty

Photo via lush.com

Price: $17.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Effective, easy to use, smells great

Cons: Strong smell, greasy, sticky

Dirty is one of those products that you’ll never stop using. Once you have and appreciate its usefulness, you’ll be sure to never go without it.

For both girls and guys, Dirty is amazing for texturizing and holding down the most stubborn pieces of hair.

9. Twilight – Bath Bomb

ENTITY shares best lush products twilight

Photo via lush.com

Price: $6.95

What the Reviews Say:

Pros: Relaxing, smells great, soothes irritating skin

Cons: Glitter, leaves tub residue, too strong

Even though LUSH bath bombs are expensive, Twilight will give you the best bang for your buck.

With just one of these bad boys, your bath will become stunningly pink and your room will smell of lavender. Reviewers note that it leaves a residue in the tub, but quickly rinsing out the bath will prevent this.

The Best Lush Products Are Just the Beginning

If you’re not convinced about these products, I would definitely grab samples of each one. LUSH is extremely generous with samples, so they won’t say no if you want to try out a few (or 10).

Plus, LUSH has a huge stock of products to choose from. Reviews only provide half the story, and I encourage you to go out and find the best ones for you.

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