ENTITY shares 90s makeupPhoto via Instagram / @thepamelaanderson

Nineties trends like chokers and grunge-style flannels are back in style today. And for the ’90s kids who love to feel nostalgic, we’re totally into it, especially since some ’90s makeup trends are also back.

Can someone pass the berry lipstick?

However, there’s a point where our nostalgia ends. As great as the ’90s were, we hope that one day some of these ’90s makeup trends can somehow get permanently deleted from our timeline. Who actually wants to relive ’90s makeup trends like too-dark lip liner and super thin brows?

So we here at ENTITY, compiled a list of five 90s makeup looks we hope never come back in style. You know, for future reference.

5 In the ’90s, lip liner didn’t have to match your lipstick.

ENTITY shares 90s makeup

Photo via Instagram / @thepamelaanderson

You can’t talk about ’90s makeup without mentioning the awful lip liner trend. Now don’t get us wrong, lip liner is great to define your lips. But when it’s 10 shades darker than your lipstick, we have a serious problem.

The look was popularized in the ’90s by stars like Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. The contrasting colors were meant to make the lips look fuller but… we’re not so sure anymore.

4 And with 90s makeup, eyebrows didn’t actually need hair.

ENTITY shares 90s makeup

Photo via Instagram / @thepamelaanderson

Another iconic trend in ’90s makeup was those ridiculously thin eyebrows. Women in the 90s were plucking their brows until there was barely any hair left. And in some cases, there wasn’t. But when the brows are so thin they disappear, there was always your handy-dandy pencil.

Oh, and sperm brows were totally a thing. Nineties women loved their hooked brows and high arches.

The barely-there brows wouldn’t cut it in today’s fashion, though. And we couldn’t be happier. The Instagram brows of today take a thicker look and focus on shading. Back in the ’90s, shading would have pretty been hard. You know, because they’re working with a single line.

And ’90s makeup artists would have probably gone to town trying to tame stars like Cara Delevingne‘s messy brows.

3 Frosted lips were also a thing.

ENTITY shares 90s makeup

Photo via Instagram / @retrosexystyle

The metallic, shiny and often even glittery lip was all the rage in the ’90s.

This look combined light shades with a powdery texture. And like the ultra dark lip liner, the look was intended to make the lips look bigger.

But we can’t help but feel like there’s something cheapening about the whole look.

Frosted lips can actually still be seen today in high fashion, but on the street, this look is less common and pretty outdated. Fashion icons of today like Kylie Jenner are rocking a more matte style.

2 Don’t even get us started on the ’90s makeup eyeshadow trends.

The beautiful neutral colors of today just didn’t exist in ’90s eyeshadow colors. And defining a crease? There was no such thing. Looks in ’90s makeup were either way too dark or way too light. When these ladies pulled out their eyeshadow brushes, they went full throttle.

That means, the same color flowed from lid to brow line. Blending different colors wasn’t a thing, so they just picked their favorite and they put it everywhere. And when they had glitter, they weren’t afraid to use it.

1 But the blue eyeshadow was definitely the worst.

ENTITY shares 90s makeup

Photo via Instagram / @90ssupermodelsdaily

But the worst in the attack of the ’90s eyeshadows is the striking electric blue shade. And their bright idea didn’t stop there. Why just have blue eyeshadow when you can also pair it with a ruby red lip.

We know you’re cringing, too.

Unfortunately, our favorite stars today – from Angelina Jolie to Cameron Diaz – made this fashion faux pas. Thank goodness they grew out of it, though.

ENTITY shares 90s makeup

At least the ’90s still had cartoons like “Hey Arnold!” and “Rocko’s Modern Life,” right? Or better yet, at least us ’90s kids were too young to remember these ’90s makeup looks. We’re definitely not sad they’re gone.

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