What one person deems flashy, another person could see with a more conservative eye. When talking about modest fashion, it is important to note that the term itself is subjective. Modest fashion is no longer an archaic way to dress.  It is important to be familiar with the practice of modest fashion. Then be prepared for the sudden urge to shop for some wardrobe additions.

1 Modest Fashion and Dresses

ENTITY talks about modest fashion trends.

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According to the New York Times, modest fashion has made a comeback for religious reasons. Although modesty is not limited to people of a certain religion, some of the supporters are in fact religious. Many modest dresses are characterized by long sleeves and long length. This means that  dresses will go past the knee and most of the time cover the ankle. They also have sleeves that extend down to the wrist.

2 Layering Layers

One of the most important aspects of the revival of modest stye is the presence of layers. Layers provide extra coverage. Another benefit of layering is that the fashionista gets to express their inner style through multiple pieces. For example, it is often a practice among modest dressers to take a less conservative piece and layer it under or over a more basic item. This way they can get the best of both worlds, concerning modesty and keeping up with current style trends. Although modest fashion is making a comeback, it might not be as readily available as one would hope.

3 Splish Splash: Modest Swimwear

ENTITY talks about modest fashion trends.

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Modest fashion does not stop at land. There is an increasing demand for clothes for those who love the water. Modest swimwear typically includes one piece swimsuits. Under this category, there are various styles. One designer, Jessica Rey, has an entire line of swim dresses. These aquatic mini dresses offer not only more coverage, but also a fun-loving feel. Modest swimwear comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Make way for this functional take on modest fashion.

4 Versatile Button-Up Blouses

ENTITY talks about modest fashion trends.

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From business to pleasure, people are wearing button-ups day in and day out. Similar to the style of modest dresses, blouses that display a higher neck and longer sleeves are becoming more popular. However, there are many types of button-up blouses. Some have short sleeves, some have stripes, and some are the classic plain white.  Another good thing about this style of modest fashion is that a button-up blouse can be worn for various occasions. It is easy to take a classic piece like a white collared shirt and dress it up or down with a wide variety of outfit combinations.  According to Who What Wear, Firra Assagaf is a great modest fashion style icon. Firra chooses to dress modestly because of her religious background.

There are a number of women taking the modest fashion world by storm. They are following their passions and looking great while doing it. “Project Runway” finalist Ayana Ife told Racked that her ultimate goal for her designs is to show people that modest doesn’t mean boring. She aims to show people that modest clothing can be trendy.

5 Stylish Modest Pants

ENTITY talks about modest fashion trends.

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In addition to the increasing popularity of business clothes, tailored, non-denim pants are flying off the shelves. A New York Times article stated that many women are making the transition to modest pieces that feature wide-legged pants, and to less fitted clothes all around. Presumably, this is because there is currently a rise in comfortable fashion. Modest fashion combines the comfort factor with on trend styles to make something truly remarkable.

According to Vogue, fashion influencer Mariah Idrissi was the first Muslim women to be part of a global fashion campaign. Mariah has helped to open doors for many other Muslim female models. In her interview with Who What Wear  Mariah said her signature look features a pair of loose fitting mom jeans. This article went on further to say that loose fitting pants of all materials are a common trend in the modest fashion world.

At the end of the day, all that matters is your own personal style. Wear what makes you feel good about yourself. Be confident in the clothes you put on. It is your choice whether you would like to show more or cover up. Don’t let other people tell you what’s weird or uncool, because they’re probably wrong.

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