ENTITY shares Galentine's day ideas

Everyone needs Galentine’s Day ideas for the yearly celebration.

It’s a day when women appreciate other women. It’s really when anyone appreciates the lady friends in their life. Celebrated on February 13th, Galentine’s was brought to life in Season 2 of “Parks and Recreation” by main character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler. Ever since,  its become an unofficial holiday—a day of empowerment manifested through the celebration of friends. 

Gratitude is important, and studies show that appreciation links to happiness. So, show your friends appreciation with some Galentine’s day love! Be like Leslie Knope, who celebrates her holiday by gifting bouquets of hand-crocheted pens, personalized 5000-word essays and mosaics of friends made from the crushed bottles of their favorite diet sodas.

More realistically, though, show your gratitude in smaller ways. Here are ENTITY’s Galentine’s Day ideas to give back to your gals on this illustrious holiday.

1 Meet up for waffles and whipped cream.

ENTITY shares Galentine's day ideas.

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Head over to a local diner with some friends for a classic Leslie Knope brunch over waffles, whipped cream, mimosas or whatever the heart desires. Better yet, try cooking. Meet up and whip up some omelettes, hash browns, pancakes and anything else a kitchen can handle. Especially since we rarely take time out of our days to cook for ourselves, cooking with friends can end up translating into fun.

As licensed clinical counselor Rachel Nobel saidcatching up with a longtime friend can lead to stress relief and “instant relaxation.”  So, spending time with friends is actually a form of self-care! If extravagant gifts aren’t your thing, stay true to Galentine’s roots. Good company and waffles is what this holiday is all about.

2 Make your own spa day.

ENTITY shares Galentine's day ideas.

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Nothing spells self-care like a spa day. Just as spending time with old friends leads to mental relaxation, a day at the spa grants much needed physical relaxation after working hard. I see you, girl boss!

There’s emotional self-care vs. physical self-care at play.

If heading to a spa isn’t your vibe,  pick up some sheet masks from the nearest beauty store. Make sugar body scrubs and light up incense in your living roomGalentine’s can be a day of self care and bonding all wrapped into one. 

3 Move together.

ENTITY share Galentine's day ideas.

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Friends that workout together, stay together. It’s the essence of support, by physical means.

Studies show that working out with friends helps you show up to the gym and put in the work, even though this usually applies to women influencing other women.

Gyms aren’t even the only way to work out with friends. Doing hot yoga, sweating out the mimosas from a boozy brunch,  running in a nearby park or even walking somewhere together instead of taking your usual mode of transportation increases closeness. The goal is to spend time with pals and to do so while physically moving. There really isn’t anything more productive than quality time with a friend while getting the day’s workout kicked out of the way.

4 Create your own gift.

ENTITY shares Galentine's day ideas

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Nothing spells heartfelt like a homemade gift. It can be something as simple as picking up a picture frame from the dollar store, painting it gold and putting in a picture of you and your bestie. Or plan ahead by sending them a postcard the next time you’re out of town.

Galentine’s Day isn’t really about presents, but for sure show appreciation by gifting, even if it’s a small present for someone. Remembering a friend and shooting them a text can spread the positive message of appreciation manifested by Galentine’s Day.

Bottom line.

Galentine’s day doesn’t have to be limited to lady friends or human friends, really.

It can include all people, as long as they’re ready to celebrate positivity, friendship and women. It doesn’t matter whether that’s your sister, grandpa or pet cat. Make the day about positivity, gratitude, and celebrating the women in your life. 

And who knows, maybe Galentine’s can come around more than once a year for you and your circle. Treat yo’ self.

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