ENTITY reports on Heidi Klum costumes.

Every Hallows’ Eve, all celebrities pull out their best costumes. But just as hard as they try, it’ll always be pretty hard to beat Heidi Klum’s intricate costumes. The former Victoria’s Secret model dresses to the nines every Halloween.

Over the years, Klum has collected a number of Halloween costumes. From aliens to old ladies, it seems like nothing is off limits.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Klum says she always tries to outdo last year’s costume.

“This is my 16th year hosting Halloween and I’ve had 17 costumes, like Lady Godiva, the ‘Visible Woman’ [and] a 95-year-old version of myself,” she told PEOPLE. “I like to switch it up every year and surprise people.”

Rumors say that Klum spends over $10 million dollars on her costumes. But, it turns out her make up artist, Mike Marino, was just joking when he said that Klum spends millions on her Halloween attire.

Looks like Klum’s costume was out of this world in 2010. She decided to pair her metallic boots with her purple skin. Her then husband Seal also joined in on the costume theme. (Photo via @hollywoodreporter)
“It’s kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off. It’s basically like me naked. You don’t feel quite naked with it because it is so colorful,” Klum shared with PEOPLE in 2011. (Photo via @cenkids)
Looks like Klum didn’t age so well this year. Kidding! In 2013, Klum showed an older side to her fans by dressing up as an older version of herself. (Photo via @papiispresent)
The model opted to dress up as the curvy “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” character in 2015. She showed multiple videos on her Instagram of what it took to make her look like this sultry vixen. (Photo via @selfie_cookie)
In her most recent costume from 2016, Klum rocked a look that was very suiting for her. The twist is, she hired a makeup artist to make her some clones. (Photo via @gnpace)

But of course, costumes like these shouldn’t be kept a secret.

Klum doesn’t celebrate Halloween by herself. She also welcomes celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Fergie to join the festivities.

Here are some of our favorite costumes from Heidi Klum’s Halloween parties.

1 Lewis Hamilton

ENTITY reports on Heidi Klum costumes.

Photo via @lewishamiltonmexico

Race car driver Lewis Hamilton aka Nicole Scherzinger’s ex-boyfriend was almost unrecognizable when he sported a Joker costume at Klum’s 2016 Halloween party.

2 Fergie

ENTITY reports on Heidi Klum costumes.

Photo via @fergiefootwear

Honey boo boo, who? The former Black Eyed Peas member rocked a “Toddler and Tiaras” like costume at Klum’s Halloween bash in New York City.

3 Ashanti

ENTITY reports on Heidi Klum costumes.

Photo via @cosplayapp

Ashanti went full blown smurfette for Klum’s Halloween party. The singer painted her entire body blue.

4 P!nk

ENTITY reports on Heidi Klum costumes.

Photo via @pinks.fanpage

In 2008, P!nk showed up as a sad clown to Heidi Klum’s Halloween extravaganza, and from the looks of it, she seems to have pulled off the costume.

5 Jennifer Lopez

ENTITY reports on Heidi Klum costumes.

Photo via @beaucaspersmart

In 2015, Jennifer Lopez sported a skeleton makeup look. The look was also accompanied by her then boyfriend, Casper Smart, who was rocking the same costume.

6 Gabrielle Union

ENTITY reports on Heidi Klum costumes.

Photo via @@hollywoodciak

The “Two Can Play That Game” actress was seen in a race car driver costume at Heidi Klum’s 2016 Halloween party.

7 Selita Ebanks

ENTITY reports on Heidi Klum costumes.

Photo via @christopheandjohny

Fellow model Selita Ebanks transformed into one sexy little devil for Klum’s 2016 Halloween Extravaganza.

After all these looks, we are definitely looking forward to seeing what surprising costume Klum wears for the upcoming Halloween holiday!

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