Your self-image is a big part of how you live your life. Self-image is the internal picture and idea you have about yourself. It can determine whether or not you will have a positive day, and set the tone for your personal and professional life.

Having a powerful self-image can be the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. In order to have a strong self-image, one must know how to achieve it. Here are five ways to achieve a strong self-image.

1. Accept Compliments

Accepting compliments can be difficult. Psychology Today said that women don’t accept compliments because it’s terrifying being perceived as cocky by other women, but in reality accepting a compliment is accepting a positive self-image. It is accepting that you have a nice smile.

Instead of saying “no you’re lying” or “stop it”, embrace it. Let the words “thank you” come out of your mouth and accept the truth. After all, if someone is giving you a compliment it’s because they see what you can’t.

2. Look At Yourself As a Whole Person

ENTITY talks healthy self-image

Seeing yourself as a whole person is another positive self-image practice. Accepting and knowing that you are your own person is a big step. Instead of judging yourself for every imperfection, embrace them. Look at yourself like a boss would like at herself in the mirror. Have the confidence to accept how you were born into the world.

3. Have Fun With Clothing

ENTITY talks healthy self-image

Clothing can play a big role in showcasing self-image. The way you decide to present yourself to the world through your clothes is the way your confidence will show through. If you don’t feel comfortable in a certain top, change. If you don’t like your wardrobe, go shopping! Try on clothes that are out of your comfort zone, because that can give you your biggest self-image boost.

4. Appreciate Your Body

Accepting one’s body is one of the biggest moves toward positive self-image they can make. Struggling with the way your body is can be difficult, but accepting your imperfections can help. No one is perfect, remember that. Even if you see someone that looks like they are out of this world, be aware that they may struggle with negative self-image too. Don’t beat yourself up if your legs, arms or stomach don’t look like someone else’s.

5. Be Unique

ENTITY talks healthy self-image

Say it with me, you are unique! Knowing that you are unique is the biggest positive self-image practice. There isn’t anyone in the world that is the same as you.

This is a well-known fact, but sometimes can be forgotten. There is no need to compare yourself to someone else when you are the only version of yourself in this world. Remember that next time you find it hard to see yourself as a superstar.

In the end, enjoying your life is what will make it memorable. Take a moment to practice your self-image love. For many owning your awesomeness can be hard, but acknowledging these five tips can help you improve your self-image.

So go ahead and make yourself feel amazing!

Edited by Kylie Anderson

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