ENTITY promotes three undervalued lazy hairstyles

We all have those days when we just can’t muster enough energy to do our hair. In those moments, there’s commonly few choices. With scarce options available, it’s important to learn about the quick and lazy hairstyles that anyone can do. 

Hair can be a major pain in anyone’s daily routine. There’s an art to grooming hair, and while it’s great for those who spend enormous amounts of energy on it, that’s not the case for everyone. If your style leans more towards grunge, preppy or however you define it, there are always ways to shorten the time spent on hair. 

Doing any kind of hair whether its natural, thick, thin, long or short can be time consuming. However, there are tips and tricks for undervalued styles to help elevate your look without taking too much time. 

How you choose to style your hair is entirely up to you. But, here are a few simple suggestions to help getting ready more manageable. 

1 Scarves and head wraps are fun for everyone.

ENTITY promotes three seriously undervalued lazy hairstyles

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Fitting for all ages, scarves are without a doubt the most clutch hair accessory on any kind of hair day. True to form, scarves count as lazy hairstyles since they don’t require extensive hair care.

As likely the most versatile hair accessories, scarves and head wraps can accentuate and exaggerate your look. They hide frizzy hair, offer a sophisticated feel and no matter your hair length, they always work.

People have been sleeping on  scarves and head wraps, which doesn’t make sense because they’re quick,  accessible and fashionable. Learning to tie scarves is fairly easy and definitely a great addition to any look.

2 Messy buns are the most famous of lazy hairstyles.

ENTITY promotes three undervalued lazy hairstyles

Photo by Garon Piceli from Pexels

This bun is probably the most popular go-to lazy hairstyle, but I can’t stress enough how fundamental it is. On my worst hair days, messy buns have provided a simple and effortless, yet still appropriate appearance.

Though, not as versatile as scarves, messy buns work with most hair lengths and types. A messy bun can be enhanced with slight styling, but all-in-all it’s straightforward and pragmatic.

Taking just a mere ten to twenty seconds, you can pull up whatever kind of hair you have and call it a day.

3 Pineapple hair and don’t care.

ENTITY promotes three undervalued lazy hairstyles

Photo by sheamoisture from Instagram

Perhaps this one is a more obscure yet a life saving style. The “Pineapple” hairstyle, made popular by Rihanna, is a must. It’s a cute hair hack and definitely falls into the category of a quick hairstyle.

To achieve this look, one simply requires a single hair elastic. Though perhaps this style is more geared towards those with curly hair, don’t be discouraged as hair can be experimental and unique no matter your hair type.

Lazy hairstyles can fit your aesthetic no matter what.

ENTITY promotes three seriously undervalued lazy hairstyles

Photo by Beyoncé from Instagram

Decide how much energy you want to dedicate to your hair. Some days that might be five minutes, but others  could take hours. However you choose to do your hair is a reflection of your personal style, and these can simply serve as the foundation of your day to day looks.

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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