ENTITY embraces natural skin bacteria

Women are constantly being criticized when it comes to grooming habits.

Whether it’s wearing too much makeup or no makeup at all, women just can’t seem to win. Skin is the biggest organ in our body, yet we often forget how important it is.

So why don’t we take better care of it? People always say to “feel comfortable in your own skin.” This means accepting, and even embracing, the fact that we all have natural skin bacteria on our faces.

The notion that women must at all times be perfectly groomed and presentable, especially in the workplace, is so ingrained into our society that we often forget to question it. When did it become a bad thing to embrace the natural skin bacteria that lives in all of us?

Mother Dirt is an organic skincare company that challenges these stereotypes of what it means to be “clean.” They are the first company that makes skincare specifically designed to nurture the good bacteria found in skin. The products’ message aims to challenge the notion that bacteria and dirt lead to breakouts.

The team at Mother Dirt believes that today we are too clean. Adding a little more natural skin bacteria, or the good type of dirt, to our lives will only benefit us. We may even look and feel better, too.

Sure, this idea may challenge certain standards or routines of beauty. However, using dirt to feel beautiful is definitely an interesting concept. Their AO mist is a live, probiotic skin spray.

It restores the natural bacteria found in our skin. This bacteria is the same bacteria that has been depleted by over-cleansing our faces every day.

Ironically, it turns out we might actually need  the dirt that everyone is telling us to wash away. Take Mike Flynn, who instated a rule for Defense Intelligence Agency women employees requiring them to wear makeup to appear more “put together” and attractive.

The stereotype of women always being clean and prim creates unmeetable beauty standards for girls everywhere. A simple zit, something that is very normal for almost every woman, is seen as a bad thing and thought of as dirty or unhygienic. However, the natural skin bacteria found on your face is actually good for you, and you need more of it.

There is a constant conversation surrounding women and makeup, and more specifically whether women should or should not be wearing it. There are numerous tutorials teaching girls how to perfect the “no-makeup” look, which incidentally does involve a multi-step process of putting on — you guessed it, makeup.

Women constantly feel pressure to look their best, facing judgment from all areas of their lives, such as co-workers, bosses and partners — but especially from themselves. Wearing makeup is thought to make women appear more put together and hygienic.

Beauty stereotypes are ever-changing, which makes it even more important to find your personal beauty from the inside out.

Whether or not you choose to wear makeup, if you feel good and happy on the inside, you will always look beautiful on the outside.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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