Entity offers advice on how to change your beauty routine to be more environmentally conscious.

Our planet provides more than just a home for us; it provides us with all of the resources we need. We can show it love in a few ways, such as going green. But going green shouldn’t just be implemented by recycling or not using plastic bags. There are so many other ways to show our planet some love and you can start with your beauty regimen!

We often forget about the amount of beauty products we use and how those pretty, little things can also make a large impact on our environment. While your beauty products may do wonders for your face, here are a few ways your makeup routine can also make the environment happy.


Although eco-friendly products can be a little pricier, the benefits that come with using them definitely outweigh the few extra dollars. Using products that are animal and cruelty-free decreases the harm that some of the beauty industry causes in testing their products. Finding facial cleansers without plastic microbeads helps reduce this form of waste in our oceans. Not only are these products better for our environment, they are also better for our health.

Lush Cosmetics is an all-natural, all-around environmentally friendly company that produces 100 percent vegetarian products and fights animal testing. Try their “Angels on Bare Skin” facial cleanser in place of a microbead cleanser. It is a dreamy combination of lavender and almonds that will scrub away your dead skin without harming the environment.


Stop buying beauty products that you don’t need. Not only do you save money this way, you can also help reduce waste that comes from the endless amount of packaging. Try to mix your lip colors instead of buying new ones. You’ll even end up with a unique color that no one else will have!

Consider using loose powder instead of a pressed powder because you can use every last bit of it and the packaging is less bulky. Lastly, don’t buy anything new until you finish what you want to replace. There’s no sense in having eight mascaras when you really only use one. Lush has to be mentioned again, because their “Emotional Brilliance” face powder will leave you matte, but not too matte, all day long. Better yet, they have a package recycling reward system where you can bring in five empty black pots to a shop, and you will get a free Fresh Face Mask.


Make an effort to check the ingredients list, since many beauty products contain harmful chemicals that are not just bad for the environment, but also for your skin. When your products are chemical-free, you won’t have to worry about becoming allergic or having an odd chemical reaction. Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Liquid Soap will help you de-stress and definitely soothe your skin. Cleaner ingredients will make for a cleaner planet and a cleaner you.


Beauty products tend to have extravagant packaging, even when the product is half the size of the casing. If you are conscious of what kind of packaging your product resides in, you can reduce your overall waste. Don’t buy products that are excessively packaged. For example, use lip pencils instead of lipsticks. Try to buy products that utilize reusable packaging so that you don’t have to keep buying new packaging when it comes to your absolute essentials. Lastly, keep an eye out for hybrid packaging, which is incredibly difficult for recycling companies. Try to use products that are packaged with one material, but if you do use products with hybrid packaging, send your products to TerraCycle, which produces beautiful parks out of beauty product waste.


There are tons of products that can be used for different purposes, like lip and cheek stains or clear mascaras for your eyelashes and eyebrows. Nars’ “The Multiple” in Orgasm will make your cheeks glow and your lips luscious. You can even use it as an eyeshadow base. When you use products with multiple uses, not only are you getting more bang for your buck, but you are reducing waste and protecting our beautiful planet.

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