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You know that old joke about the Wonderbra? “When it comes off you wonder where her boobs went…” Yeah, it probably comes from the same guy who claims women deceive him by wearing makeup.

Well, his tiny little boy brain is about to explode, because resourceful beauty vloggers have found a way to combine the two. Inspired by the popularity of Silisponge by Molly Cosmetics ($9.90), people have now begun to use bra inserts in place of beauty blenders.

Vloggers have found that silicone bra inserts – commonly referred to as “chicken cutlets” – closely resembled the perpetually sold-out Silisponge, without the long wait. That’s because the Silisponge is made with silicone (with an outer shell of thermoplastic polyurethane), which makes the tool flexible and resistant to oil and grease – aka, it won’t absorb all of your foundation.

Unlike beauty blenders, other sponges and even your fingers, which inevitably absorb a bit of your foundation, silicone can save you money by allowing you to use less product. And since it doesn’t absorb anything, it is also easier to clean. 

So while the Silisponge is sold out, bra inserts are the next best thing. You can cut them up to your preferred size or shape – for example, beauty vlogger Huda Kattan cut hers into a convenient, small triangle – and you don’t have to wait for it on backorder! 

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The beauty guru behind Huda Beauty, who boasts a whopping 16.4 million followers on Instagram, nicknamed it the “boob blender.” And she seemed to be a fan, gushing that “the application was really smooth and the best part was it did not soak up any product, making it a great alternative to a blender or brush.”

However, commenters seemed a bit more skeptical. Stacy Nelson commented on BuzzFeed, Hmm a soft, non-absorbent make-up applicator. How ingenious. Almost like, um, fingers. JUST USE YOUR FINGERS.”

Posting on the same site, Laura Squires pointed out the price of the bra inserts, writing, “Okay, but like…aren’t those cutlets more expensive than the sponge in the first place?”

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The hack seems to be most effective assuming you already own a set of bra inserts. Of course, pricey or not, the bra inserts would still beat out Silisponge’s long backorder. So you could write it off as paying for convenience. 

Either way, it appears to be a pretty crafty innovation if you can’t get your hands on the Silisponge itself, which received rave reviews from beauty guru Jeffree Star.

Now  let’s see what tiny boy brain joker has to say about this latest beauty hack!

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