ENTITY what is olaplex

Olaplex is gaining attention as the new, sought-after hair treatment for damaged hair. A few celebrities are seeking out this product that promises so much. Kim Kardashian swears by it.

“When your hair is really damaged, if you sleep in that, it really works. I notice a huge difference!” Kardashian said of the hair treatment.

Some stylists swear by Olaplex as well. Stylist Yoshico-Alexis Ogawa shared her thoughts on the product with Allure.

“Result-wise, the texture and quality of the hair turn out better. I did a unicorn process and I had to bleach the hair four times; with Olaplex, you could not even tell the hair had been touched by bleach,” Ogawa said.

But what is Olaplex exactly?

What’s In It

The official website describes the product as a three-step process with “a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.” Essentially it’s a concentrated product that helps to prevent damage and repair damaged hair.

There are three steps for the Olaplex treatment: Bond Multiplier, Bond Perfector and Hair Perfector.

The first two steps are completed in the salon. The third step is done in the comfort of your home.

The Olaplex website breaks down why each step is beneficial for damaged hair:

ENTITY what is olaplex

Photo via Instagram / @olaplex

The Bond Multiplier rebuilds the bonds of your hair. This first step helps to repair your hair and prevent any further damage.

ENTITY what is olaplex

Photo via Instagram / @olaplex

The Bond Perfector also rebuilds the bonds of your hair, but is used to help with your hair’s health. Think of the Multiplier as the beginning and the Perfector as the end.

ENTITY what is olaplex

Photo via Instagram / @olaplex

The final step is also a Hair Perfector  that prevents further damage, but is an at-home treatment.

Why Is It so Popular?

Olaplex has gained widespread popularity due to the way it protects hair from excessive damage caused by coloring and heat.

Marie Claire spoke with expert stylist, Nicola Clarke, who explained why Olaplex is beneficial.

“It maximizes the strength of hair by reconnecting broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair, which gives hair a thicker look and feels healthier and stronger,” Clarke stated. “The hair bonds break when hair is coloured and subject to regular heat and chemical treatments. It allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of hair and it is compatible with all hair types.”

According to Women’s Health, Olaplex is beneficial for those who have permed or bleached hair. The treatment helps regardless if the damage is heat or chemical-related and no matter the hair type.

How to Use It

Women’s Health shared how Vanessa Schneider, senior educator of Olaplex LLC, advises to use it.

“Apply a generous amount from roots to ends on damp hair and comb through, letting it set for a minimum of 10 minutes before rinsing,” Schneider said.

Gradually, you can work your way up to longer treatment times if you feel your hair needs it.

It seems that Olaplex is a godsend for those of us who love to express our personality through creative hair colors, but also for anybody who would like to help their damaged locks.

Edited by Carli Velocci

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